Memberships and Pricing


Our pursuit of optimal fitness is delivered through one-on-one coaching and group classes. To speak with a coach about which is best for YOU, click here to book a free consultation and assessment. Zero sales pressure ever, we promise.

One-On-One Personal Training

enduraLAB has been the top Personal Training facility in Fort Worth, TX since 2011. Our coaches are educated, empathetic experts. Personal Training includes goal-setting, personalized workouts and homework assignments.

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The workouts at enduraLAB change every day, and we use a variety of machines, weights and movements to produce the best possible results. We don't believe in short cuts or quick fixes when it comes to achieving real and sustainable results, but we promise to walk down the path of transformation with you, as far as you are willing to go.

enduraLAB's Strength+Conditioning classes are among the most fun in the world.  Our highly-skilled coaches lead you through each session, resulting in personal trainer attention and monitoring of both form and performance.

Most Strength+Conditioning members complete Prelims before joining groups.

How many times each week should you come to enduraLAB? Click here to book a Intro Consultation, and we’ll make a recommendation based on your goals.

Open Gym Memberships

We are a coaching facility. Progress from sickness to wellness, and from wellness to fitness, requires guidance to be efficient and complete. To that end, members of our Open Gym complete Prelims before joining.

We value – and love – time to practice, and to play. We offer ‘Open Gym’ time between our group classes for our members to try new things, do their ‘homework’ (if given by one of our Personal Trainers or Coaches) and practice functional movement.

Open Gym memberships include access to all or part of enduraLAB for up to 8 hours each day; one Personal Training session (or four group classes) per month; and some specialty seminars. Open Gym memberships are also available as an add-on to 12x/Month and Unlimited Strength+Conditioning memberships.

*Former clients returning after 3 months or more are required to retake Prelims before being eligible for Open Gym.


When we look at the state of running and their programs, we see a large majority of "single-speed" athletes. They wake up day after day, month after month, year after year, and run at the same speed, same intensity with the same program. It's no wonder these runners suffer early performance plateaus and that over 80% will be hurt during their career. Maybe it's the fear of doing something different or maybe it's just not knowing exactly what to do. 

At enduraLAB, our goal is to build a more complete program that will not only produce healthy runners but also allow our athletes to reach their true potential.


Personal Training packages provide your best training experience for the best price.


  • Single session: $45
  • 10-session package: $405 - SAVE $45.00!
  • 20-session package: $765 - SAVE $135.00!


  • Single session: $75 - $95 (Coach dependent)
  • 10-session package: $675 - $855 - SAVE $75.00 - $95.00!
  • 20-session package: $1275 - $1615 - SAVE $225.00 - $285.00!


  • 30-minute, 10-session package
    • Two Individuals - $365 each - SAVE $40.00 EACH!
    • Three Individuals - $325 each - SAVE $80.00 EACH!
    • Four Individuals - $285 each - SAVE $120.00 EACH!
  • 60-minute, 10-session package
    • Two Individuals - $690 each - SAVE $75.00 EACH!
    • Three Individuals - $615 each - SAVE $150.00 EACH!
    • Four Individuals - $535 each - SAVE $230.00 EACH!

*For Private Training scheduling please contact us via email at:

Strength+Conditioning memberships Include access to all STRENGTH+CONDITIONING AND RUN classes, but not Open Gym time. We don’t have contracts or “signup fees.”

  • 8-CLASSES/MONTH = $125 per month
  • 12-CLASSES/MONTH = $145 per month
  • UNLIMITED CLASSES = $170 per month
  • 10-CLASS PASS = $175
  • DROP-IN = $20  (FREE, with purchase of enduraLAB shirt or tank!)

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Strength+Conditioning ADD-ONS/DISCOUNTS:

  • Add Open Gym to;  12-Classes/Month: $30/month or Unlimited Membership: $15/month
  • Fire/Police/Emergency Response, Military, Nurses, Students and Teachers will receive a $10 discount/month on Strength+Conditioning Memberships.
  • Spouse/Family Pricing: First membership is at full price. Each additional family member at 40% off.

*Discounts cannot be combined.

Open Gym memberships are available to those who complete our PRELIM program, and want to practice skills or follow homework from our trainers and specialty programs.

  • OPEN GYM PACKAGE (GROUP) – full access to all Open Gym times, as well as four Strength+Conditioning group classes (to be redeemed anytime during the calendar month.) – $95
  • OPEN GYM PACKAGE (ONE-ON-ONE) – full access to all Open Gym times, plus one half-hour Personal Training session with five “homework” workouts. – $95

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  • UNLIMITED RUN = $110/month
  • SATURDAY-ONLY RUN = $50/month
  • RACE-SPECIFIC PLAN = $250/month
  • DROP-IN = $15 (FREE, with purchase of enduraLAB shirt or tank!)


  • 1-ON-1 RUN FORM ANALYSIS = $215 (1.5-hour session)
  • SHOE CONSULTATION = $75 (1.0-hour session)

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The garage-gym format allows us to continue – and expand – the level of excellence that we provide at enduraLAB. We believe in achievement over aesthetics; practice over prodigy; character over chrome.

“Globo” gyms have, on average, a 53% dropout rate after the first six months. Ours is 4%. Come and see why people don’t quit enduraLAB!

Though practiced by the majority of our members, Not everyone who trains at enduraLAB does group classes.  The nature of our gym is such that it’s ideally suited for athletes of every level who want to train in a focused environment.  There are no mirrors here, just what you need to succeed.  No distractions.

Likewise, our corporate structure is one of openness, honesty, and hard work.  As such, we don’t have ridiculous signup fees, ‘building fees,’ or long contracts.  We hold high expectations for you, and it’s only fair that you hold us to the same.

Our reputation – and our strong enduraLAB family – is built on coaching.  It is our belief that coaches are absolutely necessary for success, and every member will require the attention and focus of the elite Trainers that enduraLAB is happy to provide throughout their fitness careers.  For that reason, the gym is closed to membership – but still fully accessible with a punch card – during group class times.