This program is for those wanting to maintain a Saturday long run base this summer and fall. Saturday long runs will start at 6am. There will not be a training schedule, but each Monday you will receive an email listing all the long run start times. Long runs will be supported with water stops and maps.

START DATE: Saturday, May 9th

END DATE: Saturday, December 19th

DURATION: 32 Weeks

COACH: Lee Hargrave

CONTACT PERSON: Lee Hargrave -

enduraLAB - 845 Foch Street  Fort Worth, TX 76107

  • Saturdays 6:00am - Long Run

Complete your training program with these great options:

  • 2x/Week Strength+Conditioning group class - $90/month
  • 2-Day Run Clinic - $100
  • Custom Nutrition/Hydration Plan - $150

Custom Nutrition/Hydration Plan: Athletes are often confused by the contradictory information found all over the web.  Let our experts create a nutrition or/and hydration plan to maximize your training, aid in weight loss, keep you feeling strong throughout training and serve as the basis for your race day strategy. Price is $150 for one consultation each month, for 3 months.

PRICE: $40/month