The enduraLAB Run Clinic is designed to educate the community on all aspects of running. Learn how to increase your efficiency, improve endurance, fuel for performance and reduce your risk for injury. Attendees will presented with evidence-based research and hands-on experience to apply the concepts learned. 


We'll jump start the clinic with a video of your current running gate and go over the different run form methods, pros and cons of each and how to find the optimal run form for you. We'll then show you the skills and drills, with progressions, to help you become a more efficient runner.

After we break for lunch (provided) we will discuss the evolution of the running shoe design, the relationship to injury and how to pick the right shoe for you. We'll cover the common injuries that runners will face in their career and show you how and what to do to prevent them in the following workshop addressing strength training, range of motion/mobility and stability.  We'll end the day with a discussion of nutrition/hydration for health and performance and analyze the morning's video.


"This was a fantastic use of my time.  I especially enjoyed Lee's clear explanations, practical demonstrations, and candid comments about shoes and the most important aspects of the technics of running." - Lisa

"The clinic did a great job of piecing together the concepts in a way that made them all relate to each other and the whole running process. Really enjoyed seeing how mobility, stability, and strength plays a huge role in running efficiency. While we get tidbits during class, the clinic connected all the dots and added details to make more sense out of each part." - Diane

"I went from a major "T-Rex" heel-striker, where every time I hit the ground everything would shake, to an efficient forefoot striker. Everything started feeling better and I started getting faster." - Lee

OUTLINE: (May 30th, 10:00am to 4:00pm)

  • Registration (9:30am)
  • Initial run form test w/ video
  • LECTURE: Optimizing your gait for efficiency and injury prevention
  • WORKSHOP: Run Mechanics and associated skills & drills
  • ------- BREAK FOR LUNCH (PROVIDED) -------
  • LECTURE: Shoe design and how to choose the right one
  • LECTURE: Common running injuries and prevention
  • WORKSHOP: Strength, mobility and stability
  • Run form evaluation w/ video

PRICE: $150

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