1. Want to go for a test drive? Your first visit to any of our regularly scheduled classes is on us. Just show up 15 minutes early to chat with a coach and fill out necessary paperwork. 
  2. Schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation with a coach. This is a 30-minute session where you will learn more about enduraLAB; the programming, class setup, and standards. We'll discuss your goals and evaluate your current fitness level to determine the correct path forward. Schedule your's here.
  3. Complete the Prelims. Depending on your experience and knowledge of functional movements, we may ask you to register for our Prelims. In these four sessions we will provide you with the techniques and skills necessary for keeping you safe and maximizing your results when you enter the group classes. The Prelims will be scheduled with you and the trainer to find a time that works best with the people involved. The fee for Prelims is $85. At the completion of your Prelims if you or the trainer feels like you need more work we will discuss options for additional 1-on-1 sessions.
  4. Sign up for a membership via our Mindbody Scheduler. Go to the Online Store and select the Contracts/Packages tab in the upper right portion of the screen, then select your membership. If you're new to Mindbody you will need to set up an account.
  5. Stay in the loop. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and Pinterest to stay up to date with the LAB.