2018 enduraLAB Holiday Hustle

2018 enduraLAB Holiday Hustle



Join us for our annual Holiday Hustle Challenge. A simple, yet effective fitness challenge to keep the holiday weight off. We'll work to develop goals, determine baselines, create habits and prepare for an awesome 2019! 

DATES: 11/23/18 - 12/21/18 


  • Sign up online or at the front desk to participate.

  • Complete a quick weigh-in at the LAB before 11/23 and again on 12/21.

  • Follow our simple nutrition, fitness and recovery guidelines.

  • Attend 3-4 classes each week and/or complete outside workouts.

  • Keep track of your progress at the gym or in your personal log-book.


  • Free for all enduraLAB members!

  • Not yet an enduraLAB member, but would like to take advantage of this awesome challenge to get you LAB ready by January? All you have to do is commit to one of our group membership packages beginning January 2, and you get the entire 29-Day Challenge completely FREE OF CHARGE! This offer includes:

    • An enduraLAB Nutrition Journal full of nutrition guidelines, daily health and fitness tracker.

    • Access to at-home full body workouts delivered directly to your inbox, plus recovery and mobility techniques.

    • Support from the best coaches in the city! That means if you have a question, we have an answer. 


  • The top male and female participants who didn't gain weight and completed at least 18 workouts during the course of the 29-Day Challenge will earn a chance to gain free entry into our 21-Day Challenge in January.

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