Specialty Programs



This 6-week specialty program is geared towards women looking to reduce body fat, tone up, increase metabolism, and get swimsuit ready for spring break! Your coach will lead you through semi-private workouts which incorporate strength training and metabolic conditioning to ensure you look good, feel good, and have fun. 



How much do you bench? Get ready to dust off you man cards, bulletproof your shoulders and build that bigger chest/back you've always wanted with our 6-Week specialty program, Push+Pull. We've designed this supplemental program to deliver ultimate upper body strength while developing the mobility and stability to help prevent future injuries. 


Project Pull Up

Can you taste it? Your first strict pull-up is something to savor. For upper body strength and grip, the pull up might not have an equal. (Plus, you look like a badass when you rep them out). For the Project Pull Up program, we’re looking for 8-16 people who are 100% ready to commit to pull-up mastery AND ready to encourage others on the same path.


Project Deadlift

The deadlift is the ultimate test of strength. Challenging the legs, back, core and grip, the movement can be as brutal as it is simple. For Project Deadlift, we’re looking for 12-16 people who are 100% ready to commit to the program AND ready to encourage others on the same path. Get ready to chalk your hands, grab the bar and lift some heavy weight!


Cowtown Challenge

We think everyone should run a half marathon or two during their lifetime and we're going to show you how. Our intimidation free approach is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a "runner". We cover: running form, nutrition for performance, recovery techniques, mobility, injury prevention, breathing and more! No running experience required, just a desire to improve!


Quad Squad: A 6-Week Squat Intensive

Skinny jeans are out. Strong legs are in. The goal of our 6-Week Squat program is focused on improving your front and back squats and increasing your performance in the gym (think stronger, faster, jump higher). In other words the goal is to build some real actual horsepower. All levels of athlete are welcome to attend this specialty course.