Quad Squad: A 6-Week Squat Intensive

Skinny jeans are out. Strong legs are in. The goal of our 6-Week Squat program is focused on improving your front and back squats and increasing your performance in the gym (think stronger, faster, jump higher). In other words the goal is to build some real actual horsepower.

Pound for pound, squatting may be the best exercise for total-body strength. Not only are squats getting you stronger, but when performed correctly, they do a lot to strengthen your knees, improve body composition and help build and maintain bone density. So why wouldn't you squat?

The Quad Squad will run for 6 weeks and starts on August 15. The program is centered around classic lifts and familiar body weight movements. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your overall strength through strength-specific programming and targeted accessory work. All levels of athlete are welcome to attend this specialty course.

Are you ready to join the Quad Squad?

What's Included (a $685 value!)

  • 6-Week Program to improve your Front and Back Squat performance

  • 12 semi-private group training sessions to build strength, stamina and mobility

  • Weekly homework to complete during open gym hours

  • Online Account for access to schedule, workouts, training history and coach feedback (via TeamBuildr)

  • Community support via private Facebook group

  • Kickoff meet n’ greet with your teammates and coach

  • Member Discounts on RockTape Knee Sleeves

  • 30% off post-program personal training packages to take your fitness to the next level

  • Real Results!!!


  • Please submit your name and email address to Coach Lee and receive the latest Specialty Program schedule.


  • enduraLAB Members: $249

  • Non-members: $399 (this includes Open Gym access)