Project Pull Up: 8 Weeks to Pull Up Mastery

Can you taste it? Your first strict pull-up is something to savor. For upper body strength and grip, the pull up might not have an equal. (Plus, you look like a badass when you rep them out). For our Project Pull Up semi-private training program, we’re looking for 8-16 people who are 100% ready to commit to pull up mastery AND ready to encourage others on the same path.

Whether you’re going for your first strict pull-up or your first in years, this program is designed to get you there (please note, we will be starting from the foundation...if you have 5+ strict pull-ups, this may not be the program for you)!

I was super surprised that I got more than 3 pulls ups as one seemed impossible, and I’ve never used less than a blue band.

The pull-up requires a dedicated strength plan. Waiting for the word ‘pull-up’ to appear every once in a while in the workout isn’t going to cut it. Our workouts will utilize a variety of tools (barbell, rings, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.) to develop strength, stamina and mobility for ease in your pulls.

It's time to stop looking at the pull up as a mythical accomplishment. Getting your first pull-up is as simple as following this program, putting in the hard work, staying patient and accountability (we'll help with that).

Are you ready to master the pull up?

I know my upper body and core strength is miles ahead from where I started. My bench press, push-up, and strict press all went up. I felt as though my posture improved too, but that might be because I was just getting cocky!

What's Included (a $540 value!)

  • 8-week program to get you primed for pull-ups

  • 8 semi-private group training sessions to build strength, stamina and mobility for the bar & rings.

  • Weekly homework to complete at home, at enduraLAB or as a group class finisher.

  • Online Account for access to schedule, workouts, training history and coach feedback (via TeamBuildr)

  • Real Results!!!


  • Please submit your name and email address to Coach Lee and receive the latest Specialty Program schedule.


  • enduraLAB Members: $99

  • Non-members: $289 (this includes Open Gym access)


You will be challenged, pushed hard and forged into masters of the bar. We will give you every tool to complete your mission, but ultimately it’s up to you to dig in, do the work and pull yourself up. The first 8 to complete their application will be reviewed and will then get a response regarding next steps with registration link to secure your spot!