Stay fit and lose weight are usually in the top three New Year's resolutions made every year- imagine that. Like Christmas cookies, resolutions are fun to make but are usually gone within a few days. Why? They try to do it alone or don't have a plan. 

We at enduraLAB want to help you with that in the form of The Stereotypical New Year's Challenge focusing on consistency and making gym going a habit of 2017. To make it fun there will be lots of prizes to be won. The more you workout at the LAB, complete healthy habits and share your success, the better your chances to win one of our awesome prizes. The challenge will run from January 9th to February 7th and the cost of entry is free with any of our awesome memberships!

Not a member? Here's the deal... Unlimited membership + Challenge $200 (Membership covers duration of challenge, 1/9-2/7)

challenge FORMAT

This challenge is about two things: getting your happy holiday booty to the LAB and completing healthy habits. At the end of the challenge, we will perform a public random drawing. The entries to this drawing are based on the following parameters:

  • Attendance
    • 10 Days of Classes: 1 Entry
    • 15 Days of Classes: 2 Entries
    • 20 Days of Classes: 3 Entries
    • 25 Days of Classes: 5 Entries
  • Bring A Friend: 1 Entry
  • PR on a lift: 1 Entry
  • Facebook post with enduraLAB shirt on: 1 Entry
  • Facebook Check-In (5x = 1 Entry)
  • Post a health meal prep pic on Instagram: 1 Entry
  • Body Composition Change 
    • Top 10% - 5 Entries
    • 70-90% - 3 Entries
    • 50-70% - 2 Entries
    • <50% - 1 Entry
  • Bring an old pair of running shoes to donate: 1 Entry
  • Facebook post with family workout pic: 1 Entry
  • Post run with your dog pic: 1 Entry

*Note - Two workouts in the same day do not count as 2 days.

**All social media posts must include #enduralab and #placeofchange to count


  • Normatec Recovery Sessions
  • Cryo Sessions at The Cryo Spa
  • Personal Training Session with enduraLAB Founder, Lee Hargrave
  • lululemon athletica apparel
  • Central Market Gift Card
  • Snap Kitchen Gift Card
  • Stronger Faster Healthier Sampler Pack
  • BlenderBottles
  • and more!


"Love this place! My friend Staci gave me a 3-month membership for my wedding present. I would compare the workouts to CrossFit but better! I don't walk into this place and get anxiety that I'm going to be dying for 30 mins straight. enduraLAB focuses on doing things comprehensively and correctly - doing balanced workouts with adequate rest as not to get so fatigued that you have poor form. The coaches are encouraging and the class sizes aren't too big. I have seen a lot of change in my body shape that I honestly wasn't expecting when I started - lean, cut arms and shoulders (not too bulky) and a longer, leaner torso. I would definitely refer anyone to this place!" -Christie M.

"The staff at enduraLAB are educated, knowledgeable, and the environment is welcoming. I am consistently challenged, but the coaches truly care about form and promoting trust in the process. It is truly a refreshing perspective in a strength and conditioning setting. Give it a try!" - Tiffany D.

β€œThe LAB and the challenge has changed me as a person.  I feel healthier, happier, and more confident.  I have incredible coaches who have given me some very intense training.  The coaches have pushed me in every area, and I have truly seen the results.  I feel more confident in my workouts and with my long distance runs.  Working out at the LAB has given me a drive to become better and to work harder in everything that I do, not only at the gym but also in my daily routines.  It has become a very important part of my life and I hope that others will take advantage of such an awesome opportunity." -Priscila D.

"I decided to sign up for the standard after my first time working out at enduraLAB. I really enjoyed my first strength class and thought it was exactly what I needed to get inspired and challenged to see some changes and meet my goals. I also really liked the coaching and motivation and saw it as a good way to meet new people and be part of a community outside of school and work.  -Alex L.

"The short story is that the lab has been a life changer for me.  Lost 30 pounds. Went from running 29 minute to a 20 minute 5k.  Made a bunch of new friends.  Improved blood chemistry. Getting ready to run my first Marathon. Simple Greatness." -Paul V.


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