Our Programs

Here, you’ll never feel lost, alone or confused about what exercises to do or how to do them. That’s because your enduraLAB membership includes a lot more than just a room full of equipment. Whether you’re looking for group classes or private training, we’ll take care of everything—just show up ready to move and let the transformation begin.


Strength+Conditioning Group Classes

Experience a strength and conditioning program like no other. Our outcome-based, functional training program utilizes the group class format to help you work harder than if you were training alone. No matter the age, background or fitness level, our members are united in the attitude of coming together to work hard and create positive change in their health and fitness.

Run Program

Whether you're training for your next marathon, want to learn to run, or are just looking for a dynamic workout, enduraLAB has something for you. Come and see why we have the best-rated run program in Fort Worth.


Personal Training 

Personal Training at enduraLAB is the fastest, most successful and motivational way to reach your fitness goals. You will work 1-on-1 with a personal coach in private individual sessions. Personal Training is for those with special needs, limitations, specific goals and can accommodate nearly any schedule.


Nutrition is the foundation of health and performance. As in exercise, we don’t believe in a “magic pill,” we sell coaching and mentorship. Then enduraLAB nutrition program utilizes the proven principles of industry leader Precision Nutrition, who has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight and improve their human performance. Our program combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME.

Barbell Basics Course

Our Barbell Elements Course is our exciting introduction to the world of enduraLAB and your new active lifestyle. The 2-week program includes 6 small group sessions and is required for anyone new to fundamental barbell movements. Our primary goal in these sessions is to prepare you to join the Strength+Conditioning group classes with confidence. 

enduraLAB Elements

The enduraLAB Elements was created to take the guesswork out of training. This 30-Day program is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of training in a more private setting. Your dedicated coach and support team will teach you everything you need to know—fundamental movements, proper form, nutrition, and recovery —to get you on the path to better health and fitness. 

Dx Physical Therapy

Dx Physical Therapy

Dx Physical Therapy brings physical therapy services to enduraLAB. This service is for the individual that wants to improve his or her quality of life, whether it be at home, work, or in the gym. 

Youth Training

Our program develops physical abilities, social skills and self-confidence. The program can prepare kids for sports, making them fitter and more coordinated, or provide an alternative for kids who are not interested in traditional team sports. It’s also great for developing good motor patterns, balance, assertiveness and a positive attitude toward challenges. At the very least, we keep things fun and the kids moving!

Youth Training

Online Programming

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching is for people who don't have the ability to train at enduraLAB, but want quality programming, have a specific set of needs or goals, are comfortable training on their own, and need to be held accountable. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or someone new to the world of health and fitness, our coaches can help.