Book a free intro consultation to meet a coach for a private 20-minute chat. No sales pressure, just a chance to see if we’re compatible.


We have three ways to come check out our great space:

  1. Personal Consultation - Looking to get started right away? Click here to set up a free personal consultation with a coach to discuss your goals, relevant personal history and a short movement screen. This consultation will give us the information needed to design your optimal individual fitness program and allow you to see the LAB and become familiar with our philosophies and procedures. 
  2. Drop-In - Drop in to any of our regularly scheduled classes for $20 (or you can purchase an enduraLAB tee). If you are dropping in, we ask that you arrive 15:00 before class to meet the coach and go over the day's workout and your training history. 

The enduraLAB Member Process

What's next?

After your initial visit, we will determine your next step in our process. 

  1. Personal TrainingA flexible schedule and personalized approach makes personal training sessions a great way to prepare for entry into our group classes. Our personal training sessions will cover the major movements utilized in the enduraLAB Strength+Conditioning classes, but can be modified to build specific skill sets (run form, bodyweight movements, advanced barbell work, etc), goal setting or nutrition planning. Each session is led by one of our experienced and educated coaches. To schedule your personal training session, please email info@enduralab.com.
  2. Group ClassesIf you have training experience and can demonstrate proficiency in common bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell movements we may allow you to enter straight into group classes. Whether or not your are proficient in a lift is up to the discretion of the head coach.