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April Ab Challenge
to Apr 30

April Ab Challenge

It's no secret that well-defined abs are the hallmark of fitness, a chance to show off your hard work in training and proper nutrition. To help you get your midsection ready for action, we are hosting an April Ab Challenge for enduraLAB members. To complete the challenge, all you need to do is show up to class and complete the ab work at the end of each workout. Before you leave, remember to record your efforts by putting a sticker next to your name on the Ab Challenge chart. We'll sweeten the deal by awarding the top male and female participants with an awesome enduraLAB tee. 

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21-Day Challenge Awards Ceremony
6:30 PM18:30

21-Day Challenge Awards Ceremony

Join us at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 1 at Martin House Brewing Company for the 21-Day Challenge Award Ceremony. We will have brew and light snacks available. There will be food trucks on site if you would like to purchase additional food items.

Martin House Brewing Company is located at 220 S. Sylvania Ave, Suite 209, Ft Worth, TX 76111. 

Please note that this is an adult-only event. 


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enduraFIT 21-Day Challenge
to Jan 31

enduraFIT 21-Day Challenge

WHAT: Simple Nutrition. Simple Fitness. Simple Habits. Lasting Results.

It's not another challenge. In fact, it's just the opposite. The #enduraFIT21 makes it so simple, anyone can get great, lasting results.

With the #enduraFIT21 there's no guessing and no wondering, just easy-to-follow nutrition/recovery/lifestyle habits and 3 workouts per week. That's all.

Get ready for 21 days of increasing the awesome in your life. You can consider it a jump start, because know once you get going, you'll keep doing it long after these three weeks are over.

DATES: 01/11/16 - 01/31/16


  • A current enduraLAB Membership
  • Body Composition Measurements (JAN 11 and FEB 01)
  • Weekly correspondence with assigned coach
  • Practice simple nutrition, recovery and lifestyle habits
  • Attend 3 classes a week

COST: $75 (yes, you'll get a t-shirt)

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