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Cowtown 5k/10k Program

The grandaddy of the Fort Worth races, the Cowtown Marathon weekend brings in nearly 30,000 runners each year.  Come do it this year in a new way, with enduraLAB and a ridiculously fast 5k/10k!

Our intimidation free approach is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a "runner". We cover: running form, nutrition for performance, recovery techniques, mobility, injury prevention, breathing and more! No running experience required, just a desire to improve!

At $128, this program makes a great holiday gift!

  • Includes: 7-day per week schedule for the 8-week program, access to Mobility+Strength class, small-group mid-week runs lead by a dedicated coach and Saturday morning group-runs on a fully-supported course.

START DATE: Tuesday, January 6th

END DATE: Saturday, February 28th


GOAL RACE: Cowtown 5k or 10k

COACH: Lee Hargrave

CONTACT PERSON: Isis Hargrave -

enduraLAB - 845 Foch Street  Fort Worth, TX 76109

  • Tuesdays at 6:00am - Quality Workout w/ Coach Lee 
  • Fridays at 6:00am - Mobility+Strength Class
  • Saturdays 7:00am - Long Run

PRICE: $128.

Complete your training program with these great options:

  • 1x/Week Strength+Conditioning group class - $40/month
  • 2x/Week Strength+Conditioning group class - $75/month
  • Custom Nutrition/Hydration Plan - $90

Custom Nutrition/Hydration Plan: Athletes are often confused by the contradictory information found all over the web.  Let our experts create a nutrition or/and hydration plan to maximize your training, aid in weight loss, keep you feeling strong throughout training and serve as the basis for your race day strategy. Price is $90 for one consultation each month, for 2 months.