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enduraLAB Run Clinic

The enduraLAB Run Clinic is designed to educate the community on all aspects of running. Learn how to increase your efficiency, improve endurance, fuel for performance and reduce your risk for injury. Attendees will presented with evidence-based research and hands-on experience to apply concepts learned. 

In the Saturday session we'll start off with a video of your current running gait and discuss what optimal run form looks like. We'll show you skills and drills to help you become a more efficient runner. We'll discuss the evolution of the running shoe, design, the relationship to injury and how to pick the right shoe for you. 

On Sunday we'll discuss the common injuries sustained by runners and how to prevent them. The day's workshop will address strength training, range of motion/mobility and stability.  We'll end the day with a discussion of nutrition/hydration for health and performance and analyze Saturday's run video. 

*Each day will conclude with an optional group run (all levels welcome)

Day 1 Outline (January 24th, 10:00am to 2:00pm):

  • Registration (9:30am)
  • Initial run form test w/ video
  • LECTURE: Optimizing your gait for efficiency and injury prevention
  • WORKSHOP: Basic skills & drills
  • LECTURE: Shoe design and how to choose the right one
  • Optional easy group run

Day 2 Outline (January 25th, 10:00am to 2:00pm):

  • LECTURE: Common running injuries and prevention
  • WORKSHOP: Strength, mobility and stability
  • LECTURE: Nutrition, hydration and performance
  • Run form evaluation w/ video
  • Optional easy group run


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Later Event: February 14
Strength Clinic w/ Coach Lee