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KinesioTape Clinic with Dr. Bronson Lester

Most of the time you need a health care professional to assist with your applications of ROCKTAPE, but we are bringing in a qualified professional, Dr. Lester, to coach you through some basics. You’ll be able to not only tape yourself, but you’ll know how to correctly tape your workout buddies!

The class will be ‘hands on’ and interactive. Dr. Lester will go through the most common injuries and taping methods associated with runners, lifters, and rowers. 

Some additional information on ROCKTAPE:

ROCKTAPE is a performance enhancement tape and is designed for  endurance athletes that want a little edge in their game. ROCKTAPE helps athletes manage fatigue by promoting better circulation. All you have do is put ROCKTAPE on the areas on your body that need a little help and you can go longer and harder.

ROCKTAPE can also be used to stabilize muscles and joints that have been sprained or hurt. Unlike braces and sleeves that constrain and reduce blood flow, ROCKTAPE can provide support and stability while increasing blood flow. Thus, the tape's capabilities make it well suited to the repair of localized muscle groups.

ROCKTAPE can be used to reduce swelling in an area, post injury. By allowing more blood flow in and out of the effected tissues. It’s amazing how well it kind of Rocks. ;)

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