We are excited to launch the 2017 Las Vegas Training Program, a more comprehensive and personalized training program than we've ever provided at this price point. We have applied everything we have learned from our previous programs and designed this program to take your performance to the next level, whether that is setting a PR or running your first marathon...and we'll be with you every step of the way. 

By perfecting this process and building upon progress, this program will not only help you achieve your goals, it you will change your running forever. 

We will be providing training for 3 distances in Las Vegas (10k, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon)

What's Included:

  • Individual movement and run form analysis (at the 7/15 Run Clinic)
  • Online Account for access to running schedule, workouts, training history and coach feedback (via TrainingPeaks.com)
  • enduraLAB Run Team tech tee
  • Three coached group runs a week
  • H20 Support on all runs
  • Nutrition Guidelines for Endurance Athletes 
  • Pre/Post run form and mobility work
  • Free clinics on nutrition, mobility and injury prevention
  • Access to the enduraLAB Run FB Group w/ tips and race weekend updates.


  • GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Optional, but highly suggested)
  • Desire to be a part of a group of like minded-individuals willing to work hard and challenge themselves
  • Patience - release the need for immediate results and trust the process
  • Compliance with enduraLAB 10 Golden Rules for Runners

Program Cost (No refunds. No Quitting):

  • Current enduraLAB Member: $150
  • Las Vegas Plan Only: $495 (or 5 payments of $110)

Program Outline w/ Important Dates:

  • 06/26 - 07/09: Prep Phase
  • 07/10 - 07/30: Conditioning Phase
  • 07/15: enduraLAB Run Clinic
  • 07/31 - 08/27: Hill/Strength Phase
  • 08/28 - 09/24: Anaerobic/Leg Speed Phase
  • 09/25 - 10/22: Co-ordination Phase
  • 10/23 - 11/11: Taper
  • 11/12: Race Day

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between this run program and others offered in Fort Worth?
Many other programs say they offer supported runs. We offer coached runs. We don't just hand you a plan and say run while holding your hands. We give valuable feedback and coaching that will help each runner individually. 

What about the other run groups providing bootcamp workouts and strength training? 
At enduraLAB we have a cohesive strength and endurance program. That's what we were built upon. We know what our runners need and they will get exactly that. Other programs have classes come in that are usually not well versed in the run program and what the runners are currently doing in their training. This could interfere and cause issues with their progress. 

Why do I have to have a membership to enduraLAB?
We truly believe in educating and coaching our athletes and not just handing them a paper plan. Our program, done right, delivers results. 

Can I just have the plan because I just want to do it on my own?
If you do not want the coaching, our plan will not be a good fit for you. 

Please contact Coach Lee at lee@enduralab.com with any questions about the program.