3 Hip Mobility Movements You Should Be Doing Every Day!


by Coach Chris Lofland, BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB

Your joints should be a consistent focus for strength and mobility work. Today we focus on the hips. As your hips becoming less mobile it can lead to all sorts of issues including a tight low back, tight hamstrings, sciatica pain, to name a few. Here are a few things that I do for my hips every single day.

  • Hip CARs: CARs stand for Controlled Articular Rotations. Basically, you take a joint to its full/end range of motion and you move it. This will guarantee that you have touched all areas of your hips full range of motion to maintain its range of motion, and hopefully increase it.

Your body adapts to whatever it is consistently exposed to. So if you expose it to staying still, it will tighten up. If you expose it to movement, then your body will allow more movement. This is the biggest benefit to CAR’s: regular exposure to movement to keep your joints moving.

  • Squats and Squat Variations: The squat is pretty much one of the main functions of your hips, to move your center of mass up and down while on your feet. This is baseline maintenance, taking your hips through a squat will maintain your foundation of hip strength and mobility to move your body around. We have all seen someone that needs help getting up off the couch. If you are okay with that then that is fine but if you want to maintain some movement independence then keep doing your squats.

  • 90-90 Position and Variations: In the 90-90 position you will sit with one leg in front of your body bent at 90 degrees and the other leg to the side and bent back at 90 degrees. This places one side internally rotated and the other side externally rotated. You will quickly notice the imbalances between each hip when practicing this position. When in this position try to keep your torso upright, if that isn’t possible then start by leaning off to the side and progressively work yourself into an upright position.

The takeaway of this post should be that you need to move your joints and you need to move them every single day. Yes, you can make the time. If you have any questions or comments, please email Coach Chris at lofland@enduralab.com.