Members of the Month: January

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Brittany Schimmels is our female Member of the Month for January. She came to the LAB with a goal: strengthening her hip. She followed the LAB's prescription and has been able to breakthrough with a 235-pound deadlift! Her next goal: the Cowtown 10K. We have no doubt that Brittany will keep racing for years to come. 

What brought you into enduraLAB? Honestly, Sheri and Travis Brown kept encouraging me to come during a time when I was having some issues with my hip. I was receiving weekly therapy from Justin Parker, and he recommended I call Coach Lee. To my surprise, Lee was also the owner of enduraLAB..the exact place Sheri kept trying to get me to "check out"!!!  LOVE that I am here now!

What was your first impression? How has that changed? I began with a one-on-one with Coach Lee. He really took the time to LISTEN to the issues with my hip, and then prescribed a regimen to build strength where I needed it. I was a bit overwhelmed with the first group class because of the equipment, terminology, and seeing the other group members (who were clear to be veterans at this). BUT, everyone was so kind, encouraging and patient. EVERY coach has always been more than willing to introduce me to the "lingo" and explain the ins and outs of each movement, lift, etc.

What was your first breakthrough moment? I was so incredibly proud of myself when I hit a 235-pound deadlift!! My max, when I began, was 160-pounds in April 2017.

What are your current goals at the LAB? My goal is to run the Cowtown 10K! I've never really enjoyed running and I've never run a race at all! 

What's your favorite enduraLab memory? The Memorial Day Murph! I had just been at the LAB a little over a month, but that was such an awesome experience!! I LOVE that EVERYONE encouraged and cheered for each other!! I can't wait for 2018 Memorial Day Murph!!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting at enduraLab? I've told many people to give it a try! It's unlike any other gym out there!! It's not about being competitive in an unhealthy and discouraging way, rather it is a place to make you become better.

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite? My favorite thing to do is row! I love rowing! My least favorite are pull-ups or push ups (I can't decide).

New Year's Resolutions? I am blessed to have a healthy body, so my goal is to take care of it BETTER!! My commitment is to be more focused on clean eating, running my first 10K and just being fit and enjoying life. 

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Our January Male Member of the Month is Zach Allen. Seeking to improve his running performance, Zach came to enduraLAB to incorporate strength training into his fitness routine. His competitive nature allows him to push through any workout, but what makes him shine is his ability to encourage others. It's members like Zach that make our enduraLAB community like no other!

What brought you into enduraLAB? I had started running seriously, but I couldn't stay healthy. I didn't feel like I was making much progress: I had definitely hit a bit of a plateau in my performance. I was also rehabbing IT Band issues, and I kept hearing how I needed to add strength training.  So, I called Coach Lee.

What was your first impression? How has that changed? I was definitely intimidated by everyone lifting weights. I didn't have much experience, and I just knew I was going to start a back squat and fall down in a loud crescendo. Obviously, that didn't happen. Now? I love going in and seeing what I can do, and what progress I've made from the week before. 

What was your first breakthrough moment? My breakthrough moment didn't take place in the LAB. Instead, that moment came at the end of a trail race where the course was full of high-stepping, rock-hopping technical miles. I finished strong! I attributed my performance to the work I had put in at enduraLAB.  

What are your current goals at the LAB? Keep getting stronger. It's always fun setting PR's on certain routines or lifts. However, my goal is to walk out of the gym each day feeling like I gave it my all.  

What’s your favorite enduraLAB memory? I always remember the times when I was pushed by other members. I'm competitive enough to push myself and I hope I can inspire someone else to work harder, too.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting at enduraLAB? The enduraLAB coaches and community are awesome! This is a fantastic group to train with. The coaches push you, yet take the time to ensure that you are comfortable with any movements/lifts that you aren't familiar with. Get ready to make some serious progress.   

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite? My favorite are deadlifts. Least favorite would have to be toes to bar. You do know I'm like eight feet tall, right?!

New Year's Resolutions? I resolve to improve my double-under technique, and add consistency to my weekly running.  And Blue Bell.