September Business Partner of the Month - Righteous Foods

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enduraLAB is pleased to announce  Righteous Foods as our first Business Partner of the Month. We have been seeking out a great local business to collaborate with that offers phenomenal value to our members, and since we all want a delicious restaurant to grab some healthy food, we couldn’t think of a better fit than Righteous Foods.

Good for the body. Good for the soul. Great to taste. That’s what Eating Righteously is all about. It’s a way of life. And a way for more life. Our ingredients come from only reputable and organic sources. Nothing is processed –unless you’re talking about our cooking.

We’ve known Lanny since enduraLAB opened in 2011, and have always been a fan of his culinary skills. When Lanny launched Righteous Foods in 2014, we were one of the first in line and have been frequenting his ‘friggin’ awesome’ establishment ever since.

We believe that nutrition is the foundation for health and performance, and you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need at Righteous. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour - Righteous has plenty of delicious (and healthy) options available.  They even have great kids meals that will have your little ones cleaning their plate every time.

Pick up a card at the Front Desk for 20% off your first visit. In return, Righteous will offer their customers a card for a $100 credit towards our Elements course, a 30-day introduction to training at the LAB. When you go, be sure to rock your enduraLAB gear and let your server know that you work out at the best gym in Fort Worth!

If you’re feeling lost looking at the menu, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Lee: Swine Burrito (breakfast) or the Little Gem Lettuce (lunch) are my main go-tos. To spice it up, make sure to add chicken to the Little Gem and sub olives for the mandarins. Enjoy!

  • Caroline: I would rock the Paleontology every morning and you can’t go wrong with the  Baby Kale Salad with the Blackened Organic Salmon.

  • Makenzie: Tomato Egg Scramble and Avocado Toast is my absolute favorite. My kids can’t get enough of the homemade waffles with almond butter and mixed berries. For a mid-day meal, I always go with Grilled Organic Salmon Tacos.  

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t self-righteous. We love our guilty indulgences. Just not every day. So tell your body, “Thank you body. You’re important to me. I’m gonna take care of you.”Clean, tasty, and healthy – that’s Righteous Foods.
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