My Favorite Chicken Recipe

by Coach Caroline

My family has the same dinner most Sunday nights. Chicken. Grilled chicken. Boring right? We are all guilty of dressing chicken up with breading or sauces, hiding it in casseroles, or smothering it with cream and cheese to mask the taste. Let’s be honest, plain grilled chicken can be blah. So how do I get my family to happily sit down for another chicken dinner week after week?

The secret is brining the chicken first.  Brining meat makes it juicy, tender and full of flavor. Years ago I found a Paleo recipe that I enjoyed. It hasn’t failed me yet.

Fill a large bowl with water and add  raw chicken. Combine and add brine ingredients to the chicken.

Maximize flavor by using dark and white meat. I know there are some dark meat haters out there, but it truly has great flavor. I start with 1.5 pounds of both Organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts and chicken thighs. Soak the chicken for a minimum of 4 hours to overnight in the refrigerator. . Yes, it looks gross. Just close the door and walk away.

Rinse the chicken and pat it dry. Drizzle with oil, and top with salt and pepper. You can add your favorite spice rub for additional flavor. I’m often short on ingredients, so I simply stick to the basics. Maybe the magic comes from the Big Green Egg. But it’s delicious.

Preheat grill on high heat for approximately 10 minutes.

Place chicken on the preheated grill, close lid and grill to an internal temperature of 165°. 

I recommend using a meat thermometer to ensure you don’t over or undercook your meat. The only thing worse than bland chicken is overcooked chicken. I like the Weber iGrill Mini. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and notifies you when your food is ready.  Brilliant.

Once the chicken is finished, I chop the white and dark meat and mix them together. It saves me from having to cut my kids’ food when I sit down at the table, and allows me to get the flavor of both. It also makes cleaning up and packing away leftovers super easy.

We enjoy our chicken with steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes.

The reason we eat this meal on Sunday? Leftovers!


Caroline Bailey