2017 enduraLAB Gift Guide


Every athlete needs a statement piece at a great price, Coach Lee recommends the enduraLAB Tee. It's super comfortable, offers a great design and reps your favorite gym. Yep...a trifecta! Just ask Coach Isis...you'll rarely see Lee without one on. If fact, why wear anything else? 

Coach Mark agrees wholeheartedly, and adds that one of his favorite tops is the Nike Dri-FIT Knit Men's Long Sleeve Running Top. Made with a nearly seamless design, it feels exceptionally smooth, allows for better airflow where you need it most. The slightly higher crew neckline also provides a little more coverage for cooler weather.

Rounding out the look of the male endurance athlete, Coach Lee remains faithful to his Rhone Bullitt 8" shorts. He has tried every short but keeps coming back to the Rhone Bullitt. The 8-inch inseam is perfect for any workout, and there is no need to "hike" up the shorts before the next rep. The material is super durable...Lee still has pairs from 3 years ago that look awesome. Just an all around winner. Coach Mark is a big fan of the The Nike Flex Men's 8" Training Shorts. They keep you dry, cool and allow for maximum movement during even the most intense workout. 

Men, are you looking for the best compression shorts around? Look no further. Coach Mark recommends the apex light compression short by Hylete. Fast wicking, breathable, and ultra-comfortable base-layer. These shorts are designed to seamlessly complement the cross-training short. 

Female athletes can rely on the advice of Coach Isis who loves the high-rise waist of Athleta’s Slash Stealth 7/8 Tight. She also likes that they cut just above the ankle for a flawless fit. Athleta tights last just as long as lululemon, but are offered at a much better price point.

We can all agree that Coach Caroline’s workout style is is as solid as her coaching. She starts with the lululemon Pace Rival Crop. These crops offer built-in ventilation, signature 3 pocket waistband, and are versatile enough to wear to any workout. For warmer days, Caroline prefers lululemon’s Run Times Short with 4-way stretch for maximum comfort and fit.

Lift up any workout with the Juno Sports Bra by Brooks. This high-impact wire-free sports bra is easy to get on and off and is sized just like your regular bra which equates to an exact fit, making it a great choice for women with a bigger bust says Coach Caroline. However, for the best overall quality, fit, versatility and reliability you can’t beat lululemon.

Top your workout look with the GapFit Breathe Tank which is priced right to keep you and your wallet cool and comfortable. Coach Caroline stocks these essential tanks in almost every style and color.


Coach Lee never leaves for a run in the cold without his BUFF, this headwear is a knitted tube of technical fabric that can be worn more than 12 different ways, from a headband to a cap to a balaclava, for a personalized style and perfect fit. Coach Lauren says that warm ears means longer runs. She recommends Run With Me Ear Warmer II from lululemon. Don’t forget to re-hydrate after those brisk runs with Amphoid Handhelds which offer a lower profile than typical water bottles.  

What? Fanny packs are back, and trending? That’s right, these modern, streamlined essentials are a must-have for any outdoor athlete. Two popular brands are SPIBELT and FlipBelt. Both come highly recommended by our coaches for a safe and secure way to carry your personal items while on the go.

Pack away all of your gym fundamentals with the UnderArmour CORDURA® Range Duffle.  Coach Lee searched high and low for a versatile duffle to bring to the gym and this is it. Laptop sleeve, shoe compartment and plenty of pockets for your enduraLAB accessories, jump rope or spare pair of clothes. Plus, you can carry it like a traditional duffle or wear it like a backpack. 


Socks are arguably one of the most crucial pieces of workout equipment. Coach Lauren’s go-to are Thorlo Socks. She loves the thickness of the heel and the toe box, which is designed to keep your foot firmly in place. Coach Staci never misses an opportunity to showcase her favorite Stance Socks which boast high thread counts, strong graphic patterns, and bright hues. These socks present a funky-fresh take on the basics, and can even be found at Marshalls | T.J. Maxx. Coach Caroline is all about performance and sticks with Balega, these socks have a hand-linked seamless toe-closure and a heel tab that prevents them from slipping during long runs. Smartwool Socks are Coach Jason’s favorite, an avid outdoors man who doesn’t let the falling temperatures keep him from enjoying an afternoon hike.

Everyone loves a fresh pair of kicks and let's face it, the right shoe can make or break workout performance. For a great shoe on a shoestring budget, you can't go wrong with Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top. Coach Lee says these classic kicks are for powerlifts. Chucks are level and firm, perfect for deadlifts, squats and presses. Plus, with many available colors you are sure to find a pair that meets your style. (I hear that they increase your deadlift by 10 pounds...just saying). 

You next running shoe: Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 2 according to Coach Lee, our resident shoe expert. While the Altra Escalante has been his go-to shoe for weekend runs, some may like the feel of a traditional shoe upper. This is where the Topo Fli-Lyte 2 comes in. Roomy toe box, level platform, low stack height and plenty of flexibility provide a shoe that allows your foot to function the way it is supposed to! Coach Mark recommends the Men's Brooks PureFlow 6.  

Coach Lauren can log a few miles comfortably in her Reebok Crossfit Grace. They are the perfect combination of a large toe box and medium arch. For long-distance runs, Coach Isis recommends Altra Escalante. They are low profile, have a wide stance, adequate toe box and fit like a glove. 

Ready for Anything? Coach Lee recommends the Men's Nike MetCon Repper DSX (Coach Caroline loves her women's MetCons, too). Whether your running, knocking out some burpee box jumps or repping some heavy squats the DSX delivers. Plus, if you look hard enough you can find these for $80 or less. Coach Mark remains faithful to his MetCon DSX Flyknit by Nike. These are touted as being lighter than the Nike Metcon 3. Not a Nike fan? Check out the NoBull Trainers. Another great versatile shoe comes from Coach Isis who can't say enough about her Lalo Bloodbird tactical shoe: lightweight with a wide toe box makes for a soft landing during a tough workout.

Finally, it’s no surprise that Coach Staci covets her Nike Olympic Lifters. They provide a stable foundation for a deeper squat and an increased ankle range of motion. Resident bad-ass, Coach Mark lifts all the weight in his Nike Romaleos 3 Men's Weightlifting Shoe. These provide stability and locked-in fit. Bonus: the Interchangeable insoles provide soft or firm support to match the needs of your regimen. 


Tech accessories remain at the top of every athlete’s wish list, so why not get your dedicated athlete something special this holiday season. Coach Isis stays connected thanks to her Apple Watch. This must-have smart watch tracks fitness and keeps this busy coach-teacher-mom up to date on text messages, emails, and more throughout the day. She also loves the ability to sync the latest from Bruno Mars right to her wrist.

Coach Caroline raves so much about her Garmin that she even blog's about its capabilities and accuracy. From the easy-to-use GPS trainer to the triathlon-friendly powerhouses that offer advanced performance metrics and more, Garmin has an option for every athlete. Hey there big spender, Coach Lee suggests you check out the Garmin Forerunner 935 which offers the most bells and whistles in its lineup. This premium GPS running/triathlon watch will help fine-tune your training and recovery with rich data like running dynamics, wrist-based heart rate, training status, FTP and VO2 max.

Looking for an excellent workout companion? Coach Isis and Coach Caroline both agree that the BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones are the answer. With up to 8 hours of battery life, they not only sound great but they are comfortable enough to wear during long Saturday runs. Bonus: With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback when the battery is low. Another coach favorite are the Jaybird X3 Sport, while not completely wireless these babies come highly rated are water-resistant and remarkably comfortable. 

Our holiday fan favorite is clearly the Tanita RD-901 BK Ironman iPhone Scale. Touted for its superior body composition accuracy, this product utilizes Bluetooth technology which will allow you to effectively monitor your weight-loss progression like never before.  


When it comes to supplements, Coach Lee does his homework and stocks only the best at the LAB. Coach Staci takes full advantage of the benefits of SFH PURE coconut flavor and mixes it into her favorite iced coffee/brew for a real game changer. Coach Lauren finishes off a tough workout with FitAid Citrus, giving her a refreshing burst of vitamins along with some much-needed hydration. Coach Caroline has four must-have supplements: Natural Calm Magnesium, Gnarly Maximus pre workout, SFH PURE churro flavor, and Skratch Labs: Sports Energy Chews. Don't forget to pick up the enduraLAB BlenderBottle. Coach Mark adds to this list Xendurance Fuel-5. This supplement provides the body with several carbohydrate fuel and is designed to promote fast, immediate energy, as well as long, sustained energy. 


Can’t make into to the LAB for a killer 60-minute workout? Don't worry, we’ve got just the thing. The first stop is to check the enduraLAB Facebook page for one of our famous Do Anywhere No Excuses (D.A.N.E) workouts. Budget-friendly buyers will appreciate Coach Caroline's recommendations: pull up bar, kettlebells, jump rope and lululemon yoga mat. Coach Lee adds the Rogue Monster Bands as one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can travel with for under $50. Perform bent over rows and banded good mornings, add resistance to your push ups and squats or use is for stretching/mobility.

Want something that will really impress your office mates, suit up with the Hyperwear Hyper Pro Vest. Unlike most weight vests that are big and bulky, the Hyper Pro Vest is low profile and fits like a glove. Coach Lee wears his under his hoodie at the gym, and no one even notices. The weighted vest is also a great way to add resistance to any bodyweight or cardiovascular activity.  

Ready for the crown jewel of any at-home gym? Coach Lee and Isis point to the Concept2 Erg. It's easy to store, offers bulletproof reliability, and gives you one heck of a workout. No other piece of cardiovascular equipment is going to pack as much bang for the buck. Plus, it works the most neglected system of the body, the posterior chain. Think toned legs, butt and better posture!


Recovery is very personal and unique to each athlete. Coach Isis is a big proponent of a good 8 hours of sleep each night. Coach Lauren likes to feel the pain with a basic lacrosse ball …. It hurts SO good! Coach Caroline is an advocate of an Epsom salt bath, foam roller and, of course, the lacrosse ball.

Coach Lee ups his recovery game with the Rumble Roller Beastie. Like a lacrosse ball on steroids, the RR Beastie is for when you need to get rid of those annoying knots with some focused attention. Super portable, you can throw the Beastie in your gym bag or keep one in the car for use when your stuck in traffic. Similar is Coach Jason's recovery pick, the Mobility Supernova 2.0.

Looking for something unique? Coach Lee suggests the Trigger Point GRID Vibe Vibrating Foam Roller. It's for recovery, we promise... Trigger Point took their popular GRID foam roller and made it even better - combining foam rolling with vibration to relax tight muscles, improve flexibility, relieve pain and enhance recovery. Get ready to take your foam rolling to a whole new level. 

Another unique find comes from Coach Mark who recommends the Compex Muscle Stimulatior Unit. The Active Recovery Program does not contract the muscle. This program clears lactic acid, increases blood flow, promotes muscle relaxation and enables faster recovery.

Need something that will really sparkle under the tree? The NormaTec Pulse Leg Recovery Boots are a true recovery weapon! They use dynamic compression to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery. Plus it feels like a giant hug for your legs! While these systems can run upwards of $1500 online, you can try them out for a 30-minute session for just $15 at enduraLAB.


enduraLAB offers some of the most sought-after services the city has to offer. Our 30-minute personal training sessions are a great way to learn a movement you're having difficulty with or want to improve. Pick a coach, discuss your goal and take 30 minutes to work on you. 

We know you guys work hard in the gym and we talk a lot about taking the steps to recover properly. We believe in it SO MUCH that we've even brought those services in house. Laura-Lisa (or as Coach Lee calls her, the Princess of Pain) will help work out those kinks, get your muscles/fascia unstuck and have you ready for your next workout!  Physical therapists Jenny and Garrett also know what it takes to get you back to 100 percent. Book your appointment today!

Want to show someone how much you really care: Process 50 is the answer. Nothing will work as fast as a plan designed for your goals, your schedule and your fitness level. Coach Lee introduced Process 50 in 2016 as a way to get UNLIMITED personal training in a small group format. Enroll to get the accountability you need, the flexibility your want and the results you've always dreamed for!

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