Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Do-At-Home Workouts for Thanksgiving Weekend

At enduraLAB, our members know that being away from the gym is not an excuse for skipping a workout. We are always reinforcing the importance of movement in your everyday life. Fitness does not stop when you leave the gym! We know that several of our members and followers are traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend (it is the busiest travel season of the year) so we wanted to post a few of our Do Anywhere, No Excuses (D.A.N.E.) workouts that you can do on the road. Enjoy and let us know how you did!

D.A.N.E. #1 - 12:00 EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)
Odd Minutes: 10x Reverse Lunge
Even Minutes: 8x Burpee
*12 minutes of fun! Make sure to do a complete burpee - we want a push up in every rep. For a challenge, extend this for up to 20:00! 

D.A.N.E. #2 - 10 Rounds for time,
10x Push Up
10x Air Squat
10x Sit Up
*This is a simple workout we always go back too when we're away from the gym. Focus on your quality of movement and you'll end up with 100 reps of each bodyweight movement!

D.A.N.E. #3 - Bodyweight 55,
10-to-1 Ladder of,
Push Up
Air Squat
Sit Up
Lunge (each side)
*Start with 10 reps of the pushup, then do 10 air squats, 10 sit ups, 10 burpees, and 10 lunges. Then repeat, but do 9 of each movement. Continue this pattern until you hit one repetition for each movement. Keep the movements strict and focus on full range of motion. At the end, you’ll pack in 55 reps of 5 different bodyweight exercises!

D.A.N.E. #4 - 30/30 Cardiovascular
Three Blocks of, 
6x (30 sec work/30 sec rest) Row, Run, Ski or Bike - you can do burpee too ;)
Rest 4 minutes between blocks
*The key to this workout is intensity! Go hard during each interval (90-95% MHR) and you'll get an awesome workout in less than 30:00.

As always, make sure to warmup for 10-15:00 before the workout and cool down with some light cardiovascular work and mobility. Here's our go-to:

D.A.N.E. Warmup:
Foam Roll/Mobilize Tight Spots
10:00 Cardiovascular Work @ Easy Pace (Row, Run, Bike, etc.)
3 Rounds
10x Shoulder Dislocate
5x Hand Release Push Up
10x Squat
10x Sit Up
5/5x Cossack