The enduraLAB Boot Camp: A Coach's Perspective

By Coach Staci

Boot camp: a short but rigorous course of training at enduraLAB.

Each week, your mind will question: who will make it though the first workout, whether they'll show up to the second, and who will make it all 6 weeks. My name is Staci Hankins, and I am one of your boot camp coaches here at enduraLAB. In my time working with our clients, I have been witness to greatness in the ability, skill and drive of our clients. Our clients' commitment is inspiring because they know it will not be easy. Waking up and being at the gym biweekly at 5:30am, early Saturday mornings, and being sore from head to toe and coming back again.  But what it will be is-worth it, and every single minute you are here moves you a little closer to better health and fitness! 

Boot camp isn't supposed to be easy. Boot camp is built to push you out of your comfort zone and help you make a lifestyle change. It is with much pride that I can say our boot camp clients are doing just that. Our clients push through the discomfort and never quit. I will not let you quit! I am here to help you reach the same drive I reach when I participate in the workouts; the drive for change!

Our clients willingness to put trust in our knowledge and ability is incredible! Our clients lose all skepticism and trust that if they give me all their effort from Day 1, it will without-a-doubt, be worth it! It all starts with realizing it can't be done in just a day; it will take changing the smallest of (bad) habits week by week to work towards that overall change. That change is what we all can't wait to see and we can do it together here at the enduraLAB Boot Camp!

Lee Hargrave