I Love Race Day

By Coach Lee

I love race day. The nervous energy. Athletes readying themselves to push their limits. But selfishly I love watching our enduraLAB athletes reach new heights.

As a coach, race day can be as nerve-racking as actually running a race. So many variables go into a successful race and you have to ensure you have prepared your athlete for all of them. While there is nothing sweeter than sharing success, you also have to prepare to pick the athlete up if there is failure.

Most do not know that I originally started enduraLAB to be an online resource for athletes. I had a panel of local experts lined up to write about anatomy, nutrition, strength, recovery, mental health, women's health and all things endurance. It had one underlying motive, to help. Help uncover training dogmas, shed new light on how to eat, show better ways to train and create a health-conscious community. I had no intention in starting a gym, until I started a simple little run group. It was then I realized how impactful the face-to-face setting was to create real change. Being able to take the ideas and shape them to fit each individual person. There was no going back and enduraLAB's future was changed...for the better.

This year's Cowtown Marathon was completely different for me. I was not running any of the races, we had no enduraLAB booth at the expo, I was just there to support our runners...and we had more than ever. As each of our current and past runners passed by, the one thing I noticed was how happy they were. Almost as if they knew something everyone else didn't. Every one of them, even with the mile 9 hill in their face, were smiling. They were strong. They were conditioned. They were prepared. enduraLAB had created positive change.

Watching them succeed, hearing their stories, seeing their happiness...it validates what we've been building at enduraLAB. I could sit here and be content, with our runners having a very successful day. The problem is I can't. I know that we can make improvements and that our runners are already planning their next race . We will celebrate today's victories but I want to make sure we're prepared to create tomorrow's. enduraLAB has arrived, and we're here to help!