5 Reasons You'll Want To Do a Boot Camp at enduraLAB

Not all boot camps are created equal. With New Year resolutions being made and the rising popularity of HIIT bodyweight training, more and more boot camps are popping up. We stand behind our boot camp and believe that our product stands out in the growing fitness arena of Fort Worth. Here are five reasons we think your next boot camp should be at enduraLAB. 

  1. NO HIDDEN EXPENSES: We provide everything that you need for the change you're desiring. All YOU have to do is show up in workout gear and shoes. It's that simple. Plus, you'll get way more than just a workout. You'll get before and after body composition measurements, a simple nutrition plan to compliment the workouts and personalized attention from our highly-skilled and inspiring coaches!

  2. FACILITY: enduraLAB is located in the heart of Fort Worth's West 7th area in a 4200 sqft, environmental controlled gym. That means while everyone else is freezing in the park or soaked from the rain, you'll still be focused on achieving your goals inside a clean and comfortable gym. And with two shower rooms available, you'll be able to get ready for work or a night out on the town right from the LAB.
  3. PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: We limit the amount of bootcamp registrations to ensure you get the individual attention you deserve. No more being lost in a sea of athletes trying to figure out how to perform a "flying burpee". The smaller classes allow our coaches to offer timely tips and corrections to ensure you are safe and you get the most out of every session. 

  4. COMMUNITY: The enduraLAB Boot Camp is a great way to get fit while having fun in a supportive atmosphere. Being surrounded by like-minded, motivated people makes all the difference in staying consistent with training, which leads to real and sustainable results.

  5. OPPORTUNITIES TO ADVANCE YOUR TRAINING: We are not JUST a boot Camp. Whether you want to run your first half marathon or advance your strength training, we have additional programs at enduraLAB to help reach your goals. After completing the bootcamp you'll have a chance to sit down with your coach to discuss your goals and decide what programs are best for you.