Our Coaches Favorite Healthy Spots to Eat in Fort Worth


    McKinley’s is one of those “please everyone” kind of establishments. It’s easy to make a “healthier” choice and just as easy for your friend or family member to indulge. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and McKinley’s definitely delivers. In the morning it’s super quiet, the staff is all smiles and their Paleo Plate is perfection. You get a huge serving of scrambled eggs, bacon, a side of salsa, avocado and fresh berries. Pair that with a fresh, steaming cup of local Avoca Coffee and you have yourself a healthy and filling start to the day. They just changed their hours to open at 7am, so you can hop in before work! It’s a casual, fun and delicious restaurant tucked in the hubbub of University Park Village.

Need a quick healthy bite, you and your significant other can’t agree on a certain type of cuisine, need a cheap date option? The answer to all you problems is at Central Market. My go to for quick healthy bite and an easy dinner date with my wife on their large patio and live music on weekend evenings. From a large soup and salad bar, BBQ, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, and other prepared dishes, you have a plethora of freshly prepared options from whole foods that is sure to satisfy anyone’s palate. And if the reason youre going out for a meal is because your fridge is empty at home…you’re at the right place! Load up on the some of the freshest groceries (esp fruits and veggies) Fort Worth has to offer after you grab a bite to eat. PS don’t tell people at gym, but if its time for well deserve cheat meal, Central Market also has a huge selection of crafts beers (on tap too), wine, and handmade desserts to savor over…wink*

While it's easy to look at restaurants in our area where a person can indulge, the main issue in eating healthier is moderation. Sure, a person can go to Rodeo Goat and have their cheese fries... That same person can opt for a healthier option, with their steak salad or even getting a side salad and adding a burger patty. Fresh real ingredients help to round out the healthy option here!


I am a total sucker for live music and with live music comes a lot of bar food. Fortunately, one of my favorite music venues in Fort Worth, The Live Oak, has an Ahi Tuna Salad that is amazing! It’s not just your normal salad with lettuce and tomatoes. The Ahi Tuna steak is laid over a bed of diced cucumber, jicama, red onion, tomato, jalapenos and avocado. It comes with a chili lime vinaigrette that makes the salad complete. Another reason Live Oak is a great place to hangout is its roof top patio! The patio has a great view of downtown Fort Worth and has live acoustic music every day of the week. It also has local craft beers and great cheat meals too!


If you're from Texas, chances are you're a big red meat eater... but with a steak house comes large sides, free bread, desserts and lots of cocktails. My favorite place to go is Texas Roadhouse and these few steps can help you make healthier decisions. As you walk in, the number one best choice you can do is ask the hostess to not grab any of that (delicious, buttered, and fluffy) bread to bring to your table. Step two is choose your sides wisely. They have the option for a plain potato, a plain sweet potato, fresh vegetables, or green beans. You can also get a house salad with oil and vinegar. Pair your two options with a 6oz tenderloin all for $9.99 If you're looking for one side you can even get the Ranger meal (6oz steak with 1 side) for 6.99 You just can't go wrong at Texas Roadhouse. Healthy eating on an extremely do able budget. It's the perfect balance for my super unhealthy family and me.

One of my favorite places to eat healthy on the go is Zoe's Kitchen. As a student, working part time, and a puppy in the house, it's very difficult to make time to cook at the end of the week when my meal prep is running out. I go to Zoe's because I love Mediterranean food, but I go back because of the convenience. You can order with call ahead or the app for your phone, and it's super quick to pick up because they have it ready in the time it takes you to drive there.

As far as the menu goes, there's several types of lean proteins with a multitude of sides. My go to is any kind of kabob. The chicken, salmon and steak options all come with different sides but I always sub a side Greek salad and the roasted veggies to get the meal exactly how I want it. They're really easy about substitutions, so don't feel like you are limited to the menu exactly how it is. These meals are easy to split with a friend or a spouse, or save half for later, because like any other restaurant they serve more than one portion size. The menu is reasonably priced for the amount of food you get, especially if you portion it out to two meals. And for all my fellow frogs out there, they take frog bucks!


    If I'm going to go out for a meal, I want to make sure it's a good one. My go-to for a healthy option is usually a steak house. They make it pretty easy to find a healthy combination of protein, veggies and a good fat. Lately my choice for steak has been at Del Frisco's Grille. They are currently serving a mouth-watering grass fed hanger steak. Start off with a salad and pair the steak with their roasted asparagus, shaved brussels or sweet potato frites and you have a pretty solid meal.  If you want to have a little fun, DFG's lemon cake is hard to beat for dessert...