Holiday Survival Guide: 3 Tips To a Healthier Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! We hope that everyone is preparing to spend time with their loved ones and are getting ready to chow down on some of your favorite holiday food. A lot of people think that Thanksgiving comes with huge dinners, tons of leftovers and massive weight gain. We know better. One day is not going to blow your diet and completely derail your fitness journey. We also know that we can't let one day of bad eating lead to a whole weekend, then a week, then the a month.

Instead of obsessing over the Holiday meals, let's keep it simple. Here are three tips to help you avoid taking too many steps back and ensure a quick recovery into your fitness routine. 

Top 3 Thanksgiving Survival Tips:

  1. Don’t forget to move. Schedule an activity that involves at least 30 minutes of movement on Thanksgiving. Whether is this your local Turkey Trot or a family workout in your living room, you must get your body moving on the day of feasting.

    *If you are in Fort Worth, enduraLAB has a post turkey day workout on Friday at 9:30am. Join us! 

  2. Be your own chef. Make and bring a few “healthy dishes” as a go-to for your big meal. There are lots of yummy things that don’t need a lot of unhealthy ingredients to be great. For example, just add grass-fed butter, salt and pepper to sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, or roasted root vegetables and you are golden!

    *During the big meal, eat slow and fill up on protein and veggies before heading to the sweets!

  3. Up your fluids. Increase your fluid intake during the day. We like our athletes to aim for 75-100% of your bodyweight in ounces. You won’t stuff yourself as much if you have a belly full of water.

    *For an extra kick, sip on green tea before you sit down and eat. Not only will you get credit for fluid intake but it also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Again, we want you to enjoy your holiday and don’t want to take the fun out of it by any means. Let’s just tweak a few things and shift the holiday tradition to something more than eating. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share below in the comments!

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