4 Reasons Why an enduraLAB Gift Card is a Great Gift

Christmas is getting closer and the shopping days are dwindling away. You keep debating in your mind what would make the perfect gift. Being completely unbiased (okay maybe a little biased), we think an enduraLAB gift card would be the greatest gift under the tree.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. “I’m running out of time but need an awesome gift” - Easy! Go to our online store (http://enduralab.com/store/enduralab-gift-card), pick your value and DONE! You can have it mailed to you, your recipient, or you can pick up from the LAB.
  2. “I prefer cash” - For all of those family and friends that really just want to buy their own presents. An enduraLAB gift card allows them to choose a fitness program that fits their needs. So you win by getting them something specific and they win by getting to spend it how they wish.
  3. “I’ve been wanting to check out enduraLAB” - BINGO. Wouldn’t you love to be the person to give them A) something they actually want and B) and experience that keeps giving long after Christmas.
  4. “I bet an enduraLAB gift card would go great with...” - Make it special by supplementing a gift card with an enduraLAB water bottle, t-shirt or technical hat. You could get even fancier and couple it with a new GARMIN or new pair of Inov-8’s.

Debate no longer. You’re doing the right thing.

Merry Christmas!