THE ENDURALAB FIXATION: one LAB rat's story of transformation


Guest Post by Melanie Fowler

“Just go.  Try it,” my husband said.  “It’s not your run of the mill workouts.”

His body began to really change.

He was by no means “out of shape” when he first began but something clearly was changing.  His energy, his determination,… his awesome buttocks region. <smile>

I tiptoed through the door one morning.  I was plateauing in my workouts.   

What I saw was nothing short of crazy…at least to my naive eyes.

Where were all of the machines, the tricked-out muscles… the upselling gimmicks???

Not here.

It was and is simplicity at it’s finest.

I had never picked up a barbell or weights with handles… Oh, I mean kettlebells.

What are turkish get-ups?  Overhead squats and box jumps?

Burpees??? <I still giggle>

There is a science behind The LAB where quality is always in the forefront with every movement, every goal…every objective.  It is, well, methodical.

There is a reason behind every movement.  

This is where most regimens fall short.  These questions must be answered in order to reach optimum results.  Call me nerdy, but this is pretty extraordinary.

A regimen with reason if you will.

Oh, and I ask a lot of questions.  I always have. They have answers, not run-a-rounds.  I have been fiddle played before…

The LAB is nothing short of brilliant.

Stay with me here.  It’s like getting a one-on-one consult, an individual advisory plan, and complete training experience every time you go.

This is not for the faint of heart.  You do have to want it, to own it.  The work must get done.

Why do I choose The LAB?  The answer is so simple.  

It is a necessity.

There are times when I must hold my 9 year old son.  There are times when I must hold down my 9 year old son.  <look at this again if you think they are repetitive>

Are there many more reasons for being a LAB rat?  Yes.  

However, autism slows down for no one and I must be on the top of my game 24/7.

This is my motivation. Just keepin' it real.

What’s yours?  You will need one.

So, did The LAB spike my plateau?  What do you think??? <smile>

Take off your blinders, bring on your desire for change and check your non-sweaty Lulu’s at the door.

See you at The LAB.