While we don't supplement a lot, we do believe that most people need a few basics to take care of dietary deficiencies. One of these basics is Vitamin D. Research has shown the potential of vitamin D in reducing the risk of type 1 & 2 diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune diseases.

With our current lifestyles (spending a lot of time inside and constantly lathering sunscreen when we step out the door) we are seeing a widespread deficiency contributing to numerous health problems. We recommend that our members get 2500IU of Vitamin D daily, either from sun exposure, diet or supplements.

Some interesting tips if you plan to get your Vitamin D from sun exposure: The Vitamin D Council reports, “If your shadow is longer than you are tall (an indicator of the oblique angle of the sun), you are not making much vitamin D”.  Factors that affect vitamin D production from the sun including angle of the sun, time of day, season and latitude where you live, skin type, and others.  Check out the Vitamin D Council for more detailed information on these factors, as well as other vitamin D facts. 

Check out the infographic below: