enduraLAB Presents: The Skill of Running $10 Clinic

All summer long enduraLAB will be hosting a series of one hour $10 clinics designed to educate you on movements, principles and values of our enduraLAB programming.

The Skill of Running
Saturday, June 15th at 10am
2200 W. 7th Street #104, Fort Worth (Must come from White Settlement and Green Leaf because of bridge closure)

Who is this for: Recreational or competitive runners looking to improve performance, athletes suffering from chronic running injuries, athletes new to the sport or CrossFitters looking to improve their times in their WODs.

What: You'll learn how to optimize your running mechanics to increase efficiency, improve performance and reduce your risk of injury. Learn and practice skills and drills to continue to reinforce proper running form and the technique and discuss how to choose a running shoe.