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It's the last day of 2013 and a time for many to start developing plans and resolutions for 2014. We urge you to take a breath and look back at last year and what you've learned. 2013 was a big year for us with our expansion of our business and space. We've learned a ton and plan on using that to make 2014 even better. We can't just discard our past and expect something totally different to happen this year. Understand your past...the failures, the successes...and build a 2014 with that knowledge. Here are a few ideas to get you going...

  • If it's important, do it every day: Seriously. Want to run the best marathon of your career? Get out on the pavement, work your form, build a stronger spring, eat and recover smarter. Increase your deadlift? Grab the bar and lift it, learn how to activate your posterior chain and recover properly. Write the next New York Times best seller? Stop thinking about it and get to writing...1000s of words every day. Whatever the goal, work your skill and put in the time. There are no short cuts. 
  • Enhance your environment: Surround yourself with people who will encourage and challenge you in 2014. That doesn't mean that they always have to agree with you (and when they don't, listen). Seek challenges and give them in return. By surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded peers, things that seemed impossible may not seem out of reach anymore. This is the type of community we are building at the LAB. A community that pushes and encourages each other to be their best. 
  • Increase your knowledge: Never stop learning. This can be accomplished by picking up a book, traveling to a certification, grabbing a cup of coffee with a subject matter expert or just rolling up your sleeves for a little practical application. At the LAB we are always encouraging our coaches to build their knowledge base. This year we're looking to gain further experience, knowledge and certifications in Russian Kettlebell, MovNat, Gym Jones and USAT. Look for a special “mind over matter” workshop coming in the New Year with enduraLAB and The Yoga Project!
  • Do it for a cause: We have always been passionate about raising awareness for a great cause. You have seen us raise money for PANCAN, The MS Society, Susan G. Komen, Movember,- just to name a few. There are thousands of organizations out there that would love to have you help raise awareness for their cause. On our radar this year is the popular Fort Worth Zoo Run in support of the Zoo’s local and international conservation and education efforts and the Bike MS, benefiting the National MS Society.
  • Get some shut eye: Sleep deficit can lead to a myriad of problems including systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, metabolic dysfunction and performance loss. Got your attention? Here is the short list to get better sleep. Get rid of all electronics in your bedroom. Black out your windows and turn down the thermostat. (You want to sleep in a cool, dark room) No computer, tv or any blue artificial light an hour before bedtime. Try to stay away from caffeine after noon and no sugary, starchy foods and hour or two before bedtime. It also helps to set a routine and make sleep/wake times regular. That should get you started.
  • Travel for your sport: What better motivation than competing in an event at a dream location? Not only do you get to accomplish a goal, but you also get your reward instantly! This year we plan on traveling to California for Big Sur, Montana for the Missoula Marathon and Virginia for the Richmond Marathon.
  • Fuel the machine: Some of you may be suffering from the post-holiday eating guilt trip. There is no better time than now to clean up your nutrition! After all, it is the foundation of health and physical performance. Join us for our Nutrition Seminar on January 11th at 1pm at enduraLAB ($25) as we go over how food affects your body and how to find the optimal diet for your performance. If you're looking to challenge your fitness and recovery too, join our New Years Challenge!