Are you stuck in a rut? Looking for a change in performance, physicality or lifestyle? We are pleased to announce our 60-day diet and fitness challenge, The Standard. The Standard is designed to challenge your fitness, nutrition and recovery to optimize your output...whether that's in your sport, at work or at home. We're going to accomplish this by focusing on the following aspects:


We believe that nutrition is the foundation. It is the basis of health and physical performance. For The Standard we will be performing a nutrition "reset". The reset period will last 30-days in which you will eliminate modern foods (processed and made by scientists) as well as the foods people are most often allergic to or intolerant of. Instead we will consume nutrient dense whole foods in their own wrapper, preferably grown locally and organically. The first 30 days will not be a walk in the park. Anything worth achieving takes some effort and this is no different. Survive the first 30 and reduce inflammation, improve digestion, burn fat, boost energy, regulate blood sugar and stabilize mood.

In the following 30 days we will be reintroducing some foods that may be considered in the "grey area" (think dairy, rice, psuedo-grains, etc).  The important thing to understand about these grey area foods is that different people respond to them in different ways. Experimenting with one food at a time will help determine how these foods affect you. We'll help guide you through this process to help you find the diet that maximizes YOUR performance. We'll then help you with the steps to further refine your diet after the challenge is over.  

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf


Most do not recover well enough to support the frequency or intensity of training required to improve. This leads to training at a lower level that eventually leads to a plateau. We have to have great self-awareness to understand and recognize the stresses on our body...and they don't all come from training. Stress from relationships, work, nutrition, etc can affect your health and performance. During The Standard we'll show you how to identify your stress levels and teach you the recovery practices to help get you to the next level.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." -Lou Holtz


We believe that fitness is "the ability to do a task" and develop training that is functional and transferrable. The LAB does not look like the standard recreation center you might be used to as we believe in free weights and bodyweight movements to maximize results. We focus on quality and understand that we have to work hard and then give our body the rest it needs. After all, it's after we recover that we come back for the next workout stronger, faster, and ready to go!

Over the 60-Days we will be in a Foundation period. The objective of this period is to work on General Physical Preparation (GPP). The program structure will be complex with sessions designed to affect multiple fitness characteristics. No important movements will be missed! We'll start and finish The Standard with a baseline process that will test your strength, power, speed and endurance. During the challenge we'll help you sharpen your skills, strengthen your weaknesses and create big performance gains for the re-baseline.

"Through training, we can change; we can transform ourselves." -Dalai Lama

We won't tell you that this challenge is going to be easy, but you'll have the support of the LAB staff and rest of the challenge participants to help you reach your goals. We'll be with you all the way showing you proper technique, helping you with diet and recovery and creating a fun environment of constant progress!


  • The Standard Challenger Tee (must register before 8/23)
  • The Standard Log Book
  • Copy of "It Starts With Food"
  • Admission to the Kickoff Party and Q&A session
  • Access to The Standard Facebook group
  • Weekly newsletter with events, tips and recipes
  • Eligibility for Prize Packages

SPECIALS FROM OUR PARTNERS (additional specials to be announced at a later date)


While the main prize from The Standard will be the overall health gains and better understanding of your personal physiology, we've drummed up some great prizes that anyone would love to have! 

  • BODY COMPOSITION CHANGE (Male & Female): $150 Prize Package
  • STRENGTH DELTA (Male & Female): $150 Prize Package
  • MOST CONSISTENT: $50 Prize Package
  • FOOD GURU: $50 Prize Package
  • SPARK PLUG: $25 Prize Package


  • THE STANDARD (Full) - $150 
  • THE STANDARD (Veteran) - $100 (does not include copy of "It Starts With Food" or admission to the nutrition seminar)

SCHEDULE (additional events to be announced at a later date)

  • SEP 6The Standard Kickoff (Packet Pick Up, Body Composition Measurement and Q&A Session)
  • SEP 8-12: Fitness Baseline Week
  • SEP 15: The Standard Begins (Day 1-30)
  • OCT 14: Day 30 Check-In (Body Composition Measurement and Reintroduction Q&A Session)
  • NOV 10-14: Fitness Re-Baseline Week 
  • NOV 13: Day 60 (Body Composition Measurement)
  • NOV 15: The Standard Wrap (Winners Announced)


"The coaches have been amazing in pushing me to my potential. They do not let me give up on myself even when I feel like I can't go on, but are also aware of when I actually have reached my limit. " - Andrea

"I love the endurance focused workouts and the challenges enduraLAB sponsor. I have seen great results which include: weight loss, body fat loss, increase in endurance, increase in strength and much more. enduraLAB is not only a place to work out, but a great place to meet new friends." - Zach

"Some of the most uplifting encouraging people and places I have ever trained at. Awesome workouts that push you physically and mentally to improve your strength and endurance. I cannot speak enough good things about enduraLAB. It doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, you always feel like part of the team and enduraLAB family. That's what I love about this place." -Kaydee


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