At enduraLAB, we know that the endurance athlete is not just made from hours and hours of time on the trail, bike or in the pool but constructed from a balance of speed, strength, mobility, technique, diet and recovery. By implementing these into your daily fitness routine we believe we can take your performance to new heights. But at enduraLAB we’re not just about the endurance athlete. We desire for our workouts to impact everyone: athletes, sports improvement, general fitness, and everyday application. 

We also know that your busy life may not allow for you to visit the enduraLAB facility so we’re coming to you! We are adding an online fitness program personalized to your specific needs.

Here are some highlights on the program:

  • Custom weekly training schedule. That's get your own individualized training plan designed for your goals/abilities.
  • Weekly video chat session with the coach(es) via Google Hangouts.
  • Access to coaches via email.
  • Weekly feedback on your training progress.
  • Special pricing on great gear.


  • Run Only: $150
  • Strength Only: $150
  • Run + Strength: $250

(discounts offered for 3-mo, 6-mo, & yearly memberships)

If interested we’d love to hear back from you:

  • What training are you looking for?
  • What are your goals?
  • Do you currently (or in the last 3 months) have any injuries?
  • What is your actual time available for training (weekly)?
  • When is the best time to contact you?

Contact the enduraLAB team at:


1. What exactly is strength and conditioning?

We consider strength and conditioning a supplement and a complement to a normal running routine. This program includes a workout with weights (etc) but also focuses on mobility and technique.  A strong foundation is what builds a strong person.

 2. Does the enduraLAB online fitness program include a nutrition plan?

At enduraLAB, we are very passionate about diet and how it factors into physical well-being. If you’re interested in nutrition we are here to give advice but our advice is only a suggestion and should first be cleared with your doctor.

3. Are there workouts for every day?

Your coach will prepare a workout for whatever days and times you specify.

4. How detailed are my workouts?

Our workouts will be very detailed and will even include warm-up and cool down routines.

5. What if I don’t have the right equipment available?

We will design your workouts around the equipment you have readily available. If you desire more equipment we have some great suggestions for you.

6. If I am preparing for a race, will we approach my training differently?

If you are preparing for a race, we want to help you race your best! What are your goals for the race? We will start with a goal setting session and will continue to talk both pre- and post-race strategy. This can be done either via email or Google Hangouts.

7. How much access will I have to my coach via email?

Email us anytime between 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. We promise to get back to you the same day as your inquiry.


"So, I trained my butt off for this last race, but I could not have beat my goal time without the people who trained me, encouraged me, put up with me, cheered me on, and told me I could do this when I thought I really couldn't: enduraLAB and my amazing coaches Lee, Isis, & John." - Iris

"I appreciate having an amazing group of people always there for encouragement and having a coach who individualizes the program for my needs." - Luke

"I am a believer - especially after the NYC Marathon. You guys have helped me do something well that everyone told me I couldn’t do. Thank you!" - Lee