Whether you're signing up for an Half, Full or Ultra we have a great marathon program for you. Our programming focuses on quality, not quantity, by eliminating unnecessary training volume while increasing intensity. We’ll help you become a stronger, faster, and more efficient runner and get you across the finish line, confident and injury-free.

What you'll get:

  • 3 coached workouts each week. We’re not going to just hand you a plan, we’re going to be there every step of the way.
  • 1-on-1 running form video analysis session. There will be a big focus on form in our training. We want you efficient and less susceptable to injuries!
  • Cool enduraLAB swag. We're talking Headsweats hats or tech tees. They'll look great on you!
  • Personal shoe recommendations and a 10% discount to the Natural Running Store.
  • Access to additional clinics from enduraLAB. (Natural Running, Yoga for Runners, Paleo Diet, etc.)


Half, Full, and Ultra Training Program (20-week)

  • Run only - $350
  • Run+Strength - $715

5k and 10k Training Program (10-week)

  • Run only - $185
  • Run+Strength - $400

"I only began running again after laying off for nearly 20 years. In 6 months enduraLAB had me running a half marathon faster than my last 20 years earlier. Furthermore, I had no injuries and felt extremely strong!" -Mo Doss

"I went from a major T-Rex heel-striker, where every time I hit the ground everything would shake, to an efficient forefoot striker.  Everything started feeling better and I started getting faster." -Lee Long

“The coaches and the people are the best at enduraLAB.” -Steve Jentzsch

For more information contact us at (817)405-9LAB or info@enduralab.com