The guy behind the curtain, Lee is founder and breakout coach of the one of the most progressive styles of endurance and strength training. He has taken his passion for Engineering, Math and Science and applied it to the movement paradigms, biomechanics analysis, programming and coaching of athletes. Lee created enduraLAB in 2011 fulfilling a void that he saw in the training programs of endurance athletes. He has since grown the LAB from a local run group to a 4200 sqft facility located in the Foch Warehouses in Fort Worth, TX. 

Lee's continued pursuit of learning from experience, pushing his fitness to the limits and surrounding himself with leaders in all facets of fitness has allowed him to do what he loves, allowing athletes to understand and increase the top end of their genetic potential. He is a hardworking visionary that will stop at nothing to make enduraLAB the best of the best.


B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Business Administration

Gym Jones Level I, II & III (Currently In Mentorship for Full Certification)

OPEX Total Coach (in progress)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 (Level II in progress)

CrossFit Level I + Endurance

USAW Level 1 Sport Performance

Newton Natural Running Certified Coach

Pose Certified Running Technique Specialist

Myofascial Compression Techniques by TriggerPoint Therapy


1-on-1: $95/session (discounts w/ multiple sessions)

Run Form Analysis: $215



Featured on:

Fort Worth, TX Magazine - "Made to Last"