THE Next Boot Camp Begins FEBRUARY 28TH!!

You’ve decided, it’s time to make a change!

Your old routine is not getting you the same results it used to, or worse yet, it never worked to begin with. You may have tried to get fit and healthy in the past and failed but you know it IS possible. You just need to get on the right path. You’ve probably heard (and seen) of our RESULTS from a friend or co-worker. Now it’s your turn.


  • COMMUNITY: The enduraLAB Bootcamp is a great way to get fit while having fun in a supportive atmosphere. Being surrounded by like-minded, motivated people makes all the difference in staying consistent with training.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: There is nothing more rewarding than setting a goal and achieving it. Your coach will help you do just that. Throughout your training your coach will help guide you towards your goals by listening to your feedback, assessing your progress and putting you in charge. 
  • NUTRITION COACHING: Nutrition is the foundation of health and performance. Your bootcamp will include a nutrition plan - what to eat and when, with a week of meal planning, recipes and grocery lists included.

  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: We limit the amount of bootcamp registrations to ensure you get the individual attention you deserve. This allows our coaches to offer timely tips and corrections to ensure you are safe and you get the most out of every session. 

  • GOALS AND ASSESSMENTS: Each bootcamp will start with an individual assessment that includes goal development and body composition measurements with your coach. At the conclusion of the bootcamp you will get a final body composition measurement and an individual consultation to determine the next steps for your fitness journey.

  • OPPORTUNITIES TO ADVANCE YOUR TRAINING: We're not just a bootcamp. Whether you want to run your first half marathon or further your strength training, we have additional programs at enduraLAB to help reach your goals.


  • Give us 3 classes a week for six weeks.
  • Be here. Don’t miss class. We’ll GUARANTEE results. But only if you do your part.
  • Being fit now is NOT a prerequisite to Bootcamp. You don’t have to be fit to start, you do need to start to be fit!
  • Men and Women looking to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals will benefit from joining this program.
  • Our coaches will show you EVERYTHING you need to do to be successful, from lifestyle to nutrition to fitness coaching. NO MORE GUESSING!
  • What’s holding you back? Click REGISTER to reserve your spot or give us a call at 817-405-9LAB before Bootcamp sells out!

When you call, we’ll probably be helping another client achieve their goals so don’t forget to leave your name and the best time to call you back!


02/28 - 04/08 Boot Camp

  • Tuesday at 5:30AM
  • Thursday at 5:30AM
  • Saturday at 8:00AM

*All classes meet at the LAB - located at 2816 Shamrock Avenue #120, Fort Worth, TX

price: $225

It’s best to register ASAP while you are MOTIVATED. After that, we’ll help hold you ACCOUNTABLE because we know it’s tough to be motivated all the time. We totally get that.

Prepare to overcome everything that’s been holding you back!!!

IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE…  click HERE NOW to sign up!