Many came to enjoy the spirit of the Olympics - enduraLAB style. The gym was set for events that would challenge its competitors or simply just make us laugh (air ball). The indoor events were welcomed as the morning went on and the heat turned up but, competitors stayed strong.

Please see below for our event winners

*Not pictured were the 4x400m Relay winners (Gold - Overdogs, Silver - Team Ramrod, Bronze - Mr. & Mrs. Pacman) 

We are happy to announce that through this fun event we were able to contribute $600 dollars to support the family of fallen officer Patrick Zamarripa. We’d like to thank all our community sponsors, volunteers and athletes for helping us make this such a memorable event.

We look forward to 2020!

Please see below for more pics from the endurOLYMPICS. A special thanks to Sam Garza for coming out and getting some great shots!

enduraLAB Gives Back in August

enduraLAB is built on a foundation of creating meaningful change in the gym, for our members and in our community. This August we want to say thank you to all of those that make our community so great by providing them access to our facility and group classes. Please see below for the schedule of events and feel free to contact us (link to email) with any questions!

First Responder Appreciation Week: August 1st - 6th

This week is for those who put on the uniform every day and put their lives on the line for public safety. We cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices but would like to offer a free week of classes to any first responder in the fire, police or medical professions. Please click the button below to sign up for your free week of classes!

*Proper identification will be required at the beginning of your first class

Teacher Appreciation Week: August 8th - 13th

Teachers and school faculty see our kids' good days and bad days - when they're tired, ill mannered, and sick. But somehow, leading by example, they manage to make school fun and keep our kids' spirits high. They make a lot of sacrifices, display the utmost patience, and are incredibly dedicated.

You don't teach a child; you teach a family, and now we are welcoming you to our family in return. Please click the button below to sign up for your free week of classes!

*Proper identification will be required at the beginning of your first class

Small Business Appreciation Week: August 15th - 20th

The rigors of entrepreneurship demand sacrifices, and if you don’t make those sacrifices you’ll never be able to succeed. Knowing that your own health and fitness is the first to fall by the wayside, we want to help you. Think how much more you could accomplish with all of the added benefits of exercise!

We know how tough it is to run your own business and we want to help out our outstanding local entrepreneurs and small business owners here in Fort Worth. Every day, they’re working to create jobs for the community and drive innovation! If you own your own business, click the button below to sign up for your free week of classes!

Member Appreciation Week: August 22nd - 27th

The enduraLAB members are the reason people fall in love with us. Yes, the training is awesome and we take a ton of pride in our coaching, but YOU are what makes the difference. This week is for you. Expect goodies and giveaways all week. Please see schedule below:

  • Monday: Jump Start Your Week

  • Tuesday: Thanks for Your Commit-mint

  • Wednesday: Happy Hour

  • Thursday: Fly the Flag

  • Friday: Bring a Friend

  • Saturday: Pump Up Your Workout

Back to Basics

by Coach Lee

Most of our clients come to enduraLAB with their heads full of information. The ocean of health and fitness articles in magazine and newspapers, blogs, tips from their buddies and the ever-growing list of “reality” weight-loss television shows. Of course, having access to all of this information hasn’t necessary made them healthier, fitter or leaner. After all, knowledge doesn’t change behavior.

So why can’t we make any meaningful changes with all of this information at our fingertips? A few things usually happen,

  1. We can’t apply the knowledge - Just knowing something is one of the most rudimentary levels of thought. Comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation are much more difficult. We like to call this the “behavior gap” between knowing what versus knowing how. “I don’t know why I can’t lose weight…I know what to do."
  2. Knowledge overwhelms us - There is so much, and always more to know. Often, our clients have much of the information they need. And arguably, they have too much. They’re bathing in it. 
  3. Media’s mixed messages - Should you do cardio for fat loss? Will lifting weights make me bulky? Is it ok to eat carbs? I heard meat was bad for you? Are supplements good or bad for me? It’s enough to make even professionals confused!
  4. We seek more knowledge to avoid actually doing the work - Just one more book, one more blog, one more podcast, one more online workout on how to get ready for swimsuit season…then I’ll start. We end up knowing too much, understanding too little and way too scared of what we might be missing.

At enduraLAB, we know that we need to stay informed and current, understand whats going on in our field and keep up on the new research. But the most important thing is to be able to translate that information into concrete tasks and cues for our clients. For the Back to Basics blog series, we’re going to serve as your information filter to help you decide what is important and prioritize your energy!

One thing we hope this blog series brings to the forefront is the effectiveness of fundamentals. Nutrition, exercise, recovery…it doesn’t have to be covered in glitter and marketing to work. Too many people waste their time and valuable energy on nutrition and fitness fads that produce, if any, unsustainable results. The things that might make a 2-percent difference are distracting you from the real work that would make 80-percent of the difference!

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.
— Jim Rohn

It’s no secret that at enduraLAB, we believe in simplicity. You walk into the LAB and you’ll notice there are no mirrors on the wall, there is no bright color scheme or flashing lights. You won’t see us hopping on the latest fitness trend. What you will find is a space where education is at the forefront. You will learn proper movement. You will understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You will get results. Fall in love with fitness, make meaningful change, and schedule your free 1-on-1 consultation below.

Time to Prepare - The Importance of the Warm Up

By Coach Tori

Think of the warm-up as your body’s alarm clock. Maybe you’re coming straight from work at 5:30pm or maybe you are walking in the gym at 5:00am still trying to wake up. Either way, your body has a routine and when you come through the door, you are in “rest” mode. In science-y terms, your body is predominantly being controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). According to my freshman anatomy teacher, this is the “rest and digest” system. Your body can maintain this level of work for extended periods of time. Contrarily, there is also the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). This neural system of control is easily identified as “fight or flight”. This is the system that responds to stress, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. When this system is in control for extended periods of time, your body begins to break down. However for short periods of time, like during a workout, “stressing” this system results in physiological benefits that ultimately lead to improved health, brain function, and all the health benefits that exercise can and will bring to you.

The warm up is how you separate the gym and your workout from the rest of the world. This is how your body gets ready to work. The reason for this is to trigger the SNS to prepare for fight or flight. Now, unless the world turns into the Hunger Games overnight, we’re talking about fighting through those tough workouts. Your warm-up is what wakes you up. It prepares you for the fight. Work, relationship stress, money, family issues, or whatever else could be bothering you melts away during the warm-up so you can focus on the task at hand.

There are typically two parts to any warm-up in the workouts at the LAB: the general warm-up and the specific warm-up. The general warm-up is what gets you moving, gets your heart rate up, and quite literally starts to warm your body. This is the building loop, five minute row, bike, ski, jump rope, or any other cardiovascular and repetitive movement. The specific warm-up is where you traditionally see your shoulder dislocates, good mornings, wall squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, and the list goes on. This is because the specific warm-up is tailored to each particular work out.

The specific warm-up “zooms in”, per se, on movements that your body needs primed and ready to go to successfully perform during the workout. For example, let’s say we have a benchmark workout. The workout calls for back squat 1RM, so you will probably see some combination of wall squats, air squats, or jump squats in the specific warm-up. Then, we typically prelude the 1RM or any high percentage lift with a “build to heavy”. This is key to waking up those neuromuscular pathways that are involved with that specific lift. If my squat 1RM was 180#, I would not immediately start with 180# and then work up from there. The goal is not to wake up those neuromuscular pathways with a bucket of ice water, it is to wake them up slowly. I would start with just the bar and focus specifically on form (form is key to anything you do in the gym). Then, I would begin to add weight and perform enough reps that I am triggering the SNS but not taxing the system so much that I can’t perform the lift at a high intensity. This is different for each person, but typically it should take about 10-12 reps to get there. After those 10-12 reps, I’m ready to go. I’m close to 180# and I’m taking a few minutes between each squat to properly recover and mentally prep for the next one. If I didn’t take the time to do that, I would not be physically or mentally prepared and most likely, wouldn’t see the results I desire (which in this case is a back squat PR).

That is a long winded example, but it rings true in every workout, benchmark or not. If you rush through the motions and are not mentally present during the warm-up, you will not live up to your potential during the workout. If you are short changing yourself during the workout, then you won’t receive all the benefits. Without the benefits, what’s the point? The warm-up is crucial. A good warm-up means a good workout. A bad warm-up means a bad workout. I cannot express the importance of the warm-up enough. Yet the warm-up is often the time used to catch up with friends, to walk in late, and to screw around. My intent is not to scold anyone for any of those actions. I’m usually always running late for something and I always talk to people while I warm-up or I’m making my preworkout or I’m writing an email to a professor or stressing about whatever is on my mind. What I’m trying to stress is the importance of doing the warm-up with a purpose. Don’t sacrifice your wall squats to talk to Betty Sue about her lunch plans. You come to the gym for a reason: you know that you deserve to give yourself that hour. That hour is for you. I don’t want you to undermine it for the social aspect that so many people love, including and especially me, about the LAB. The warm-up is your time to focus. It’s your time to zoom in on you. It’s your time to wake up. It’s your time to prepare for the fight.

The enduraLAB Boot Camp: A Coach's Perspective

By Coach Staci

Boot camp: a short but rigorous course of training at enduraLAB.

Each week, your mind will question: who will make it though the first workout, whether they'll show up to the second, and who will make it all 6 weeks. My name is Staci Hankins, and I am one of your boot camp coaches here at enduraLAB. In my time working with our clients, I have been witness to greatness in the ability, skill and drive of our clients. Our clients' commitment is inspiring because they know it will not be easy. Waking up and being at the gym biweekly at 5:30am, early Saturday mornings, and being sore from head to toe and coming back again.  But what it will be is-worth it, and every single minute you are here moves you a little closer to better health and fitness! 

Boot camp isn't supposed to be easy. Boot camp is built to push you out of your comfort zone and help you make a lifestyle change. It is with much pride that I can say our boot camp clients are doing just that. Our clients push through the discomfort and never quit. I will not let you quit! I am here to help you reach the same drive I reach when I participate in the workouts; the drive for change!

Our clients willingness to put trust in our knowledge and ability is incredible! Our clients lose all skepticism and trust that if they give me all their effort from Day 1, it will without-a-doubt, be worth it! It all starts with realizing it can't be done in just a day; it will take changing the smallest of (bad) habits week by week to work towards that overall change. That change is what we all can't wait to see and we can do it together here at the enduraLAB Boot Camp!