Whether you're looking for the complete training experience or just supplementing your current routine, enduraLAB has the membership option for you. No matter what option you choose, you'll get the individual attention you deserve and the support of an incredible community. Please see below for our membership options and pricing information. 

  • RUN MEMBERSHIP ($85/month): This option is great for those looking to run their first 5k, PR in their next marathon, or get into better shape. We know that running is more than just buying a pair of shoes, and we're going to show you why. We'll focus on form, speed, strength, and injury prevention to help you achieve your goals. With the Run Membership you'll have access to all Run and PREformance classes.
  • ROW MEMBERSHIP ($100/month): This is a great option for those looking for a low-impact, calorie-demanding workout. Rowing reaches over 80% of the muscles in your body with every stroke, making it one of the most efficient and effective movements available. Row workouts will help you get strong and lean in record time. With the Row Membership you'll have access to all Row and Preformance Classes.
  • STRENGTH MEMBERSHIP ($135/month): This option will help build functional strength you can apply in your sport or day-to-day life. Our goal is to increase your economy, reduce risk of injury and increase mechanical efficiency. You will have to lift heavy, but we don’t expect you to bulk up like a lineman (unless that’s your objective). With the Strength Membership you'll have access to all Strength and PREformance classes.

Looking to take your performance to the next level? Maximize your training experience by combining any of the above memberships. You save 15% when you combine two and over 30% when you do all three!

  • 10-CLASS PASS ($175): The 10-Class Pass is the best way to check out all that enduraLAB has to offer. With this pass you'll get access to 10 of any of our classes (run, strength & conditioning or rowing). *Expires 3 months after purchase.
  • THE PRELIMS ($85) - Coached in small group sessions, the Prelims are designed to get you to your first class with the knowledge you need to be successful. You'll go through two sessions to become more familiar with our 10 Standard Movements as well as get a sample of our workouts at the LAB.
  • MONTHLY 1-ON-1 MEMBERSHIP (See Coach for Pricing) - 1-on-1 coaching and customized programming for your individual or sport goals. This is also a great option for those who would prefer not to join group classes. 2x/week and 3x/week options available.
  • 1-ON-1 RUN FORM SESSION W/ VIDEO (See Coach for Pricing): Looking to tweak your running form? With this session we'll analyze your running form, address inefficiencies with drills and exercises, and check your progress with a before and after video comparison.

Please check out the pricing below. Click on the price of your desired package to sign up!

* Spouse/Family Pricing: First person pays for a full membership and the remaining memberships are 50% off.


10-CLASS PASS - $175

MONTHLY 1-ON-1 MEMBERSHIP (2X/WEEK) - See Coach for Pricing

MONTHLY 1-ON-1 MEMBERSHIP (3X/WEEK) - See Coach for Pricing



PERSONAL TRAINING - See Coach for Pricing