Quality is the Goal

When we’re asked what’s the most important thing for our members to focus on we simply state, “Quality”. Quality in movement, nutrition, and recovery. It’s not comparing yourself against your peers or racing the clock. It’s making sure you're going through the full range of motion, giving the proper amount of effort and counting your reps. It’s conscious eating and the understanding of fueling for performance. It’s the focus on recovery and making sure that you are utilizing your time wisely and focusing on the practices that yield the best benefits for you.

Nutrition is the Foundation

Nutrition is the foundation of health and physical performance. The only problem is that we’re all individuals and finding a one-fits-all diet is not possible. Nutrition takes a bit of experimentation in order to determine how food affects your body and utilizing that knowledge to develop the optimal diet for your performance. You will only perform as well as the fuel you burn.

Recovery is Essential

Most do not recover well enough to make significant improvements in performance. Why? They do a very poor job of balancing stress (physical, emotional, nutritional, etc.) and recovery. While the term “overtraining” is utilized a lot, we believe that most of these athletes are actually in a state of “under recovery”. We must make sure that we perform enough recovery practices to sustain the level of our training, otherwise we need to revisit our objectives and program.

Master the Basics

Become a master of the basic fundamental movements and your future training will benefit. There are no shortcuts here. We find these important enough to work every day at the LAB. Before progressing to more advanced movements you must have the strength and mobility to correctly perform the basics. As we prepare for more advanced movements our focus is always on technique, not load or volume.

Bigger is not always Stronger

With our roots in endurance sports we understand the importance of power-to-weight ratio. By increasing this ratio we can maximize our economy, reduce risk of injury and increase mechanical efficiency. At the LAB, we focus on increasing neurological efficiency not muscle volume. We accomplish this through our program design and set/rep structure. You will have to lift heavy, but we don’t expect you to bulk up like a lineman (unless that’s your objective).

Train for an Objective

Everyone who walks through our doors will be starting at a different level, participating in a different sport or have their own individual goals and objectives. There is no all-inclusive program that can achieve all of these. We have to adjust methods, volume, intensity and frequency. While our coaching staff has been trained and are experienced in accomplishing this in a group class setting, our clients who have very specific goals see the biggest potential in our personal training options. No matter what course our members take, they can expect to go through goal sessions, screenings and multiple evaluations to make sure they are on the correct path to achieving their goals.

The Mind is Primary

We are often our biggest critic, manifesting the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our true potential. We expect more from you. We know that you must develop the right attitude when in the gym. The mind can often lead the body to great things. It rarely works the opposite way. When you are able to attack the task in front of you with the correct intensity, a positive circular cycle is created (increased performance - increased confidence - increased performance). If you’re afraid of hard work and letting go of being comfortable, no program or amount of training will get you to your true potential.